Piwik 0.7 is a major Piwik release, bringing a few amazing new features.

New features

  • Create custom PDF Reports and schedule them (daily, weekly, monthly) to your email address
    All logged in users can create custom PDF reports, for each website, by clicking on the PDF link in the top menu.
    Each user can add unlimited number of reports and for each report, schedule daily / weekly / monthly emails.
    To customize the PDF, simply select which reports should be included. You can also download the PDF directly from the list.

The initial code was contributed by Lyzun Oleksandr and Jeremy Lavaux, and modified to fit Piwik codebase by Matt.

  • Worldmap view!
    Gregor Aisch created a beautiful world map widget. He built the Open Source world map specifically to build the Piwik widget.

    It also features a full screen view, check it out in your dashboard.

    The Open source flash map project is hosted on the Piwik SVN.

  • New Website selector for Piwik instances with hundreds or thousands of Websites
    With its powerful API (Tracking API, Analytics API) Piwik has become a very strong solution to custom and large scale Web Analytics setups. In particular, many users are using Piwik with hundreds or thousands of websites. Until then, the UI was loading very slowly because it was loading the full Website list in the HTML page.
    The Website selector now only loads the top 10 Websites, and you can search and see which websites match your search in real time.
    The website selector search only appears if you have more than 5 Websites configured.

  • New Email settings
    You can configure Piwik to send email using a SMTP server instead of the default mail() function.

List of tickets closed in this milestone

  • #1493 The merged asset : couldn’t be parsed for getting the hashcode
  • #1495 0.6.4 – HTML_QuickForm2 incompatible with PHP 5.1.6
  • #1503 Regression: URL entered in install not recorded
  • #1499 Link “Dashboard” does not work
  • #1510 Cannot use object of type Piwik_DataTable_Row as array in Actions.php
  • #288 UI: Provide a site selector that would scale to thousands of websites (inline search, auto suggest, ajax)
  • #587 Automatically trigger the archiving script from piwik.php
  • #1448 Windows installation: should suggest cacls instead of chmod
  • #1512 typo in Piwik API Documentation
  • #1500 IE8: Datepicker issue
  • #159 tooltip doesn’t show up on truncated labels with image
  • #1411 Archiving script: Port to Powershell
  • #1497 “undefined $” – jQuery errors
  • #1362 Disable browser archiving and process reports every X (X less than 1 hour) will fail
  • #1506 Regression: Add a goal, Goal revenue is not an INPUT form
  • #1508 when displayed on screen, errors/notice/warning should be truncated
  • #1507 Insufficient permissions on generated CSS and JS files
  • #1509 Add new settings to enable SMTP emails
  • #1515 PHP flag session.save_handler ‘mm’ doesn’t work for Piwik
  • #1458 ArchiveProcessing: Unit test regressions
  • #1514 UserCountryMap: zoomable world map of your visitors location
  • #1520 Exception: Requested website was not loaded. in ../webstat/core/Site.php on line 62
  • #1494 SEO – Alexa rank checker’s use of simplexml requires allow_url_fopen = on
  • #1496 Weird percentage of installations of a browser plugin (>100%)
  • #1184 Plugin API for Scheduled Tasks
  • #1516 Wrong translation for “visits”
  • #1511 order of minified css files
  • #1519 option_name column too short for possible values