We have just released Piwik 0.6.4, a maintenance release with a new plugin.

  • NEW Design!
    Thanks to the mockups from Marcin Ga??cki and the hard work of Stepan Sukharyna, sponsored by German Agency Vorwärts GmbH, we are now introducing the new UI in Piwik 0.6.4. We hope you enjoy the new professional look. We also tried to make it easier to use, let us know what you think using the Forums or feedback forms.
  • FASTER User Interface
    Julien Moumné, developer from the Piwik team, implemented Javascript and CSS merge and minification. Instead of fetching all JS/CSS files separately, Piwik now builds one single file, ensuring the UI is fast and very responsive.
  • The SEO plugin
    New Dashboard Widget, contributed by Victor Dibia, that displays the website’s PageRank, Yahoo Backlinks, number of indexes pages, Alexa rank and the domain age, for the website URL recorded in Piwik.

  • Simple Image Tracker
    You can track visitors that don’t use JavaScript using a simple embed image (1×1 pixel) code into a website.
  • PHP Piwik Tracking API
    You can now track visitors that don’t have JavaScript enabled using http tracking API. PHP based websites can use the new tracking client to track their users.
    This is useful in environments where JavaScript cannot be used (e.g. mobile platforms, eBay pages).
  • New tests and huge QA effort
    Anthon setup Jenkins for continuous build integration. Matt added full sets of integration tests, ensuring we always know when we break Piwik tracking, API, Archiving logic.
    Integration tests, unit tests, webtests (testing the installation in a fake browser) and Javascript tests (testing piwik.js) are running after each SVN commit and send message to a list and the developer. These are a major improvements in our Quality Assurance effort, to ensure a stable and bugfree Piwik 1.0.
  • WAA Compliance
    We reviewed Web Analytics Association specifications, and ensured Piwik is compliant with the latest WAA specs.
  • Dashboard widgets will now remember the View type you last clicked and will restore the exact same dashboard each visit.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

For Piwik users updating to 0.6.4

  • Security fix: Thank you to Enrico Razza who found and reported to the Piwik team security@piwik.org a vulnerability in Piwik also fixed in 0.6.4.

List of tickets closed in this milestone

  • #100 Plugin for SEO piwik: alexa, google pagerank, incoming links
  • #1452 Regression: Installer doesn’t try and create the DB anymore
  • #1446 Provide ‘Non Javascript Tracking tag’ and document Tracking push API to piwik.php
  • #818 Setup continuous integration server for Piwik builds
  • #396 Make sure Piwik complies with WAA definitions
  • #660 Make Piwik UI faster: merge all Javascript and CSS files together, minify, cache the merged files on disk
  • #1154 Mockups of new design for the Piwik UI (dasboard, tables, graphs)
  • #1443 Remove from language files lines that don’t have the correct number of %s parameters
  • #1481 Activating plugin requires re-login.
  • #1451 Apache+Rails: malformed REQUEST_URI
  • #1444 CSS conflict in feedback form
  • #1456 Sorting in API without order
  • #90 Widgets should be able to persist some parameters (eg. viewDataTable)
  • #1447 Error in core/Tracker/Db/Mysqli.php
  • #1425 Regression: feedback popup content is loaded by default
  • #1438 Smarty template_c files should be purged on plugin install/uninstall
  • #1442 Replace Html Quickform for GPL compatibility
  • #973 Plugins hook to control the order of entries in the menu
  • #1327 Write Tracker, Archiving and API integration tests.
  • #1472 Super user password reset should alert user when config file not writable
  • #1467 Problem with html-entities in translation
  • #1297 Improve the Visitors > Overview report
  • #1479 SEO plugin doesn’t catch errors.
  • #1484 Bug in download tracking when no other page views
  • #1487 Using PHP classes to call API seems broken
  • #1485 Piwik plugins define their API metadata
  • #1449 Zend Framework update to 1.10.6
  • #1440 Make Piwik_Tracker_Visit::handleKnownVisit hookable
  • #1403 Refactoring the menu classes and adding top menu hookable
  • #1457 Notice: undefined constant E_EXCEPTION
  • #1461 tmp/latest/LATEST: Unit test regression
  • #1464 Yearly evolution doesn’t show unique visitos
  • #1357 endless HTTP 302 Moved Temporarily loop instead of login form
  • #1480 getTablesInstalled: underscore in prefix matches any character
  • #1473 Installation – warning if mbstring extension not enabled
  • #1471 Configure PIWIK_URL and PIWIK_HOST in global.ini.php
  • #1469 File integrity check errors when files not uploaded in binary mode
  • #1340 Installer/Updater: check all directories writeable