We have just released Piwik 0.6.3, a maitenance release with a some exciting new features.

  • NEW! Goal Plugin is now stable and enabled by default
    We have finished the work on the Goal plugin backend and User Interface. You can now create several Goals by website (eg. ‘Read my page About’ matching url ‘/about/’).
    For each Goal, you will get reports of how the Goal conversions are performing over the last few days or months, but also across your segments: countries, server time, keywords, search engine, website, campaign keyword, etc.
    The Goal overview dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your Goals and you can view detailed reports for each goal.
    Advanced users can also specify a value for each Goal (eg. the Goal ‘Newsletter subscribe’ is worth $1). For Ecommerce items or items with a dynamic price, you can also set the exact price by using the Javascript API function trackGoal().
    You can check out the full user documentation about Tracking Goals in Piwik,
  • Piwik Archiving script on Windows, scaling Piwik on Windows just did get a lot easier as Piwik now comes with a PowerShell script that you can use to perform the archiving process.
    Check out the updated How to setup Piwik for larger websites which now includes instructions for Windows users.
  • The Visitor Generator, a new Plugin that replaces the former generateVisits.php has been added to the core (but plugin is disabled by default) and allows the superuser to generate fake visit data. This is useful if you want to see in more details how Piwik works without real data, and very useful for developers working and testing Piwik.

For Piwik users updating to 0.6.3

  • Known bug: on the Piwik dashboard in 0.6.3, you might see a “Widget not found”.
    Please remove this widget and add the same widget “Visits > Last Visits graph” again after the Piwik update.
  • User affected by “Piwik 1 is available” message: Users affected are running PHP 5.2.0 (and above) with either safe_mode enabled or open_basedir set, and using the curl extension. You can patch your existing Piwik installation manually since the “one-click” update would fail in this case. We recommend that affected 0.6.2 users replace piwik/core/Http.php with the new version.
    Note: You may have to wait up to 8 hrs for the cached version number to update.

List of tickets closed in this milestone

  • #774 Finish the Goal Tracking plugin
  • #1152 Deprecate redundant use of plugin getName()
  • #1351 Check and translate errors/exceptions displayed on screen or returned in API calls
  • #1371 generateVisits.php – idSite parameter never in request, defaulting to idSite = 1
  • #1372 Failing requests are not handled properly (jsoncallback, Content-Type, HTTP code)
  • #1374 VisitorGenerator plugin
  • #1386 Update to Zend Framework 1.10.5
  • #1389 Sparklines in Visitors>Overview>Bounce rates does not work (regression)
  • #1390 Use UNSIGNED INT for ip
  • #1391 Update script typos
  • #1392 remove seekport search engine
  • #1393 sendHttpRequest() erroneously returning “1”
  • #1394 changes to searchalot.com search engine
  • #1399 Browsers by Family: pie chart too small; bar chart labels overlap
  • #1402 Unnecessary code in Login/Controller logme()
  • #1408 New Search engine: duckduckgo.com
  • #1410 E_STRICT – Declaration of Piwik_Archive_Array::loadMetadata() incompatible
  • #1412 Fatal error: Class ‘Piwik_Common’ not found in … core/Piwik.php on line 0
  • #1413 UserAgentParser: Safari 4.1 and 5 released
  • #1414 Update to jQuery UI 1.8.2
  • #1415 Handle misconfigured config directory and file permissions
  • #1416 IIS: web.config only allows installation in /piwik subdir
  • #1418 UserAgentParser: handling malformed user agents
  • #1420 Actions -> Pages hangs (Loading…)
  • #1421 Handling/Detecting eval() disabled by suhosin
  • #1426 Google Earth 5.2 – embedded webkit browser
  • #1427 User settings configuration report table is not bounded
  • #1428 The Actions > Page URLs and Page titles reports should have pagination
  • #1431 Flock now based on Chromium and Webkit
  • #1433 ArchiveProcessing unit test failing
  • #1437 Fatal Error in archiver with Turkish locale
  • #1439 Handle archive.sh using php-cgi
  • Updated Bulgarian, German, Greek, French, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian translations

Note: you might encounter in some rare cases, the known bug Call to undefined method Piwik::getLoginPluginName()