Matomo Analytics 4 launch

Announcing Matomo 4: More security, privacy and better performance

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here … Matomo Analytics 4 has launched!! We’re incredibly grateful for all community members and contributors who’ve helped with improvements, and our awesome team for all the fixes. 

We can’t wait for you to gain greater security, privacy protection, and be able to boost your website performance. Now who’s ready?

Minimise your business’ web data security risk

We’ve made Matomo even more secure to meet our users’ ever increasing security needs. Matomo 4 has certainly delivered on these expectations with a wide range of security enhancements and fixes across the platform:

  • Support for app specific API tokens. [#6559]
  • API tokens and session ids are now stored hashed in the database which means if someone can access your database they wouldn’t be able to get the actual token.
  • A more secure host validation. [#16169]
  • By default, you no longer can embed widgets through tokens with higher privileges. [#16264]
  • Plenty of other minor security fixes.

More protection of your customer’s personal data

Matomo 4 ensures you’re compliant with data privacy laws and provides you with more ways to keep your customer’s personal data private, such as:

  • The ability to automatically anonymise the referrer to avoid tracking personal data by accident. [#15426]
  • The option to enforce the disabling of cookies. [#16258]
  • Possibility in JavaScript tracker to turn cookies on and off at any time. [#13056]
  • The option to not store any IP address at all. [#16377]
  • Easily disable visits log and visitor profile feature if needed for privacy compliance [#16259]
  • New segment to separate visitors who gave consent vs visitors who didn’t give consent. [#16192]

Matomo now offers PHP 8 support to users. Want to know more? Get a detailed list of over 300 fixes and improvements in the Matomo 4 changelog.

Increased conversion rates with a focus on page performance

Our new Page Performance feature in Matomo 4 can help you increase conversion rates by showing you exactly how fast or slow your website is going, and WHY. An Akamai Online Retail Study in 2017 found that a 100-millisecond delay in website load time could underperform website conversion rates by up to 7%. 

By using this new feature you can quickly identify slow pages and fix page speed issues as soon as they arise, meaning you never miss out on those valuable new sales opportunities.

Improve your Google search rankings in 2021

According to, Google’s bringing in a new ranking factor into their algorithm named Core Web Vitals, which will place greater emphasis on load speed (favouring websites that load faster). This means the slower your page loads, the worse it will rank in Google. With Matomo’s new feature, you’ll be able to optimise your pages to rank better according to the Core Web Vitals ranking factor. 

Read more on how you can use this new feature:

Need help upgrading Matomo?

Read the Updating Matomo user guide or contact the Matomo experts

Please note: It may take a while for you to receive a notice to update to Matomo 4.

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