Matomo will automatically try to track performance data for each page view when using the Matomo JavaScript tracker. The reports contain the following metrics:

  • Latency (responseStart – fetchStart)
    How long it takes the response to get to the user’s device. This includes the time it takes for the request to get to the server, the time it takes the server to render a response, and the time until the first byte of that response gets back to the user’s device.
  • Transfer (responseEnd – responseStart)
    How long it takes the browser to download the response from the server.
  • DOM Processing to Interactive (domInteractive – domLoading)
    How long the browser spends loading the webpage until the user can starting interacting with it.
  • DOM Interactive to Complete (domComplete – domInteractive)
    How long it takes for the browser to load images/videos and execute any Javascript code listening for the DOMContentLoaded event.
  • Onload (loadEventEnd – loadEventStart)
    How long it takes the browser to execute Javascript code waiting for the window.load event.
  • Page load time
    How long it takes to load the whole page (The sum of all previous metrics)

An overview of the average values of those metrics can be found on the “Visitors -> Overview” report.

Performance metrics for each page can be found in the Behaviour reports. The average page load time is visible in all pages reports.

To see the more detailed metrics for all pages switch the visualisation to “Table with performance metrics”. When moving the mouse over a specific row there is a row action available to open the following page performance report for a single page:

This feature requires Matomo 4 or newer.