Matomo Mobile 2: Major new version with new app design!

We are very excited to announce the release of Matomo Mobile 2. The new app will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your website and see your visits from anywhere.

Get it

appiconInstall the app for Android 4+ (click here) or for iOS 7 (click here). If your Android device does not have access to the Google Play Store, you can download the binary.

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What is new?

  • New look & feel to get the information you want faster!
  • Easy customization for different platforms and form factors
  • Support for Themes
  • Faster rendering of reports
  • Full support for Matomo (Piwik) 2
  • New mobile web application (HTML5) in addition to native Android and iOS app (more info coming soon)
  • Our vision is have Matomo and Matomo Mobile ultimately provide the same reports.

Source Code available on GitHub

GitHubThe Source Code is available under a GPLv3 license: We have rewritten the whole code base in the last twelve months. We are now using the Alloy framework which helps us develop cross-platform mobile apps easier and gives us the possibility to simply customize the app for each platform and form factor (Tablet / Smartphone).

The result is code which is better to read, understand, maintain and extend!






Android Smartphone


You’ll find more Matomo Mobile 2 Resources in our Github repository.

Backward Compatibility

If you use an older version of Android (less than v4) or iOS (less than v7), please use Matomo Mobile 1 instead: install the app for Android (click here) or iOS (click here). Matomo Mobile 1 app still works with Matomo 2.0 but we don’t guarantee it will in the future.

Matomo Mobile 2 works with the old Matomo 1.12 but you might experience a few issues that were fixed in Matomo 2.0.

We need your feedback

We would really appreciate your feedback about this new version! If you use it, please leave a review or rating.

Happy analytics on the go!


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