Second beta of Matomo Mobile 2 for Android

The next beta of Matomo Mobile 2 for Android is now available.

Start using it instead of Matomo Mobile 1 and send us any feedback. We can improve Matomo Mobile much better with your help!

Download Matomo Mobile 2 Beta 2 for Android 4+

Thank you to all who have already started to test Matomo Mobile 2. Based on your feedback we were able to identify and fix some bugs, to improve the performance and to add new features.

Are there any requirements?
Yes, please make sure you are using Matomo (Piwik) 1.12 before installing the application.

Known issues

  • Websites having no visits are not displayed in “All Websites Dashboard” #3786
  • When period is range, the evolution is not visible in “All Websites Dashboard” #4068
  • There may be some HTML entities displayed in visitor details #3970

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