Matomo at the 2013 Open Source Conference in Japan

Recently Matomo (Piwik) was represented by our fantastic Matomo Japan team, at the open source conference in Tokyo, Japan!

See the photos below for an overview of their popular Matomo (Piwik) booth:

A few words from Takeshi, Matomo (Piwik) Japan team member and webmaster of the great Japanese website at

We participated in the Open Source Conference in Japan which was held over two days, February 22 to 23.
This Conference was held at Hino Campus of Meisei University in Tokyo. 
We explained through demonstration about features of Matomo, many visitors heard with interest.
I attached the photos that we took at the venue.
I think it is quite improved visibility of Matomo in Japan.
This is a great experience for us.

They have also showcased Matomo (Piwik) before at Interop Tokyo.

Awesome effort guys, let’s continue to make Matomo (Piwik) the best free web analytics program in Japan!

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