As the Matomo (Piwik) community continues to grow more and more, Matomo members and fans are now showcasing it at Professional Exhibitions, Conventions and casual meetups all over the world!

Recently, an exhibition was held by our Matomo (Piwik) friends in Japan at an event called ‘Interop Tokyo’, held at the Makuhari Messe, Tokyo from the 13th to the 15th June, 2012. This is a leading business technology expo which has been showcasing the latest state-of-the-art information technology since 1994 (for the last 19 years!). Check out the photos below!

Here is a note from our Matomo (Piwik) friends in Japan:

“This time, our purpose of the exhibition was to make Matomo (Piwik) known to the Japanese user. Currently, the Matomo market share in Japan is still rather low, but due to the excellent functionality and Matomo interface, we believe it has the potential to become hugely popular in Japan 🙂

We collaborated with Matthieu Aubry and the Matomo (Piwik) team to put together a booth with demonstrations using a variety of devices such as PC, smartphone and tablet.

The hall was crowded with visitors with more than 36,000 people coming on opening day, including many system engineers and web marketing specialists.

Many Japanese visitors to the event got to experience Matomo (Piwik) Real Time Web Analytics, the Dashboard, API, Matomo Mobile and PDF report which were well received by the public. We also held a demonstration of one of the new features as part of Matomo 1.8, “Compare multiple rows together and get a graph and detailed analytics report”  which was a great success.

Most questions from the visitors who newly experienced Matomo (Piwik) were “the difference between Google analytics?”. So we told them about:
What makes Matomo unique from the competition:
1. Real Time Web Analytics Reports
2. You Own Your Web Analytics Data
3. Modern, Intuitive User Interface
4. Get Additional Features with Plugins
5. Vibrant International Open Community
6. Advanced Web Analytics Capabilities

From those who are responsible for the marketing and Promotion requested, there were also requests such as “the simulation of future access analysis” and “analysis of social media such as Twitter and Facebook”. Smartphones and social networks also have become extremely popular in Japan, therefore needs for SNS Analytics and social engagement reporting has also increased.

With more than 130,000 visitors over three days, the exhibition was a great success! We were able to interact with many people and businesses. In addition, we also received many requests to organize meetups with fellow Matomo (Piwik) users, therefore this exhibition was a success for us!

We would like to thank everyone who visited us in our booth and discovered Matomo (Piwik) and to those who helped with the construction and operation of our booth – thank you very much!”

Matomo Presentation in Japanese

Matthieu Aubry

While studying in India in 2006, Matthieu had the idea of creating an open source analytics alternative to Google Analytics. In 2007 he founded Matomo (formerly Piwik), the now leading open source analytics platform used by more than 1 million websites in 200 countries. Find him on Twitter or Github. Co-founder of InnoCraft.

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