New Matomo Release v1.11: New Features & Design Changes! [+ Screenshots]


We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of Matomo (Piwik) v1.11!

Matomo v1.11 is being released after nearly two months of development. It contains an awesome change to the design, seven new features, three usability improvements and 40+ bug fixes.

Table Of Contents (read more below):

New Visitors World Map (by Country, Region, City) and a New Real Time Map!

We are excited to bring you New Visitor Maps and Real Time Maps!

Exactly 149 users donated something, and all together you reached the funding goal! It was an awesome signal to us that the community is there to support our projects and that we are doing the right thing.

We have worked for months with Gregor Aisch, a leading data visualization expert from Germany and member of the Matomo team. Gregor built the maps from scratch, and we are excited to release this work under the GPL License v3:

Thanks to everyone who donated to our first crowdfunding campaign to make this possible!


Visitors Map plotting visits Worldwide

Top Cities, showing Visits for each city from France, with clustering

This map shows the number of visits by city in France. Small cities are aggregated together with big ones (clustering) to make data analysis easier.


This map shows the zoom on Germany, so you can see how many visits each region got.

You can select in the dropdown to plot another metric (bounce rate, time on page, etc.).

When you click on a given Region or city, it opens the historical evolution of this region or city!

Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion about the maps.

Real time visitor Map!

The new Real Time Visitor Map updates every 10 seconds to show your visitors in real time! Watch as your visitors come and go on your website.

Note: The bigger and the more yellow the bubbles, the most recent the visit is. Bubbles become smaller and more transparent as the visit is “older”.


Real time visitors shown on the world map


Visitors in North America, the mouse hovers on one visitor which displays the Visitor tooltip

The maps are built using the library Kartograph which Gregor created specifically for the Matomo maps (and which is released under GPL license).

New Admin Menu Design


Fabian Becker, one of our talented core developers, implemented a new design for Matomo’s admin menu that makes every admin page look better.

New Features

Tracking Code Generator


For those of you who aren’t interested in learning or writing JavaScript, but still want to take advantage of the Matomo tracker’s many options, you can now use this new admin page to generate custom JavaScript tracking code. Click on the options you want to enable or disable, and the JavaScript you need to use will be generated for you.

The page also lets you generate image tracking links, which you can use when JavaScript cannot be used:


Access this feature by going to Settings > Tracking Code.

New Report ? All Referrers


We’ve added a new report that merges three other referrer reports: Keywords, Websites, Campaigns. You can use this new report to directly compare referrers of different types (like a specific search query and a specific website).

You can access this report by going to Referrers > Overview.

New Report ? Browser Language


We’ve also added another new report to Visitors > Settings that shows the browser language of each of your visitors. Use this report to see the primary language of your visitors.

You can access this report by going to Visitors > Settings.

Improvements to the Referrers Overview page

We’ve made several changes to the Referrers Overview page to make it more useful. To be specific, we’ve:

  • added the total number of visits to the main evolution graph so you can see how much each referrer type contributes to all of your visits:referrer_imp_with_total
  • added evolution percentages to each referrer metric so you can see how they have changed since the last period:referrers_imp_sparklines_evo
  • added a view that displays all Referrer reports at the bottom of the page so you can view each report in one place:referrers_imp_reports_by_dimension

Choose whether to keep or discard URL fragments


You can now choose whether URL fragments (everything after the #) should be kept or discarded when tracking for all websites or each individual website.

The default behavior is to keep fragments, but if you don’t use AJAX and don’t care what anchors people view, discarding fragments might make your data easier to understand.

Access this feature by going to Settings > Websites.

Pick the hour to send e-mail reports


You can now schedule e-mail reports to be sent out at specific hours.

Idea: Could Matomo become your wake up clock? Configure to receive a SMS of your web stats every morning (right after breakfast?) to start your data-driven day.

Access this feature by going to Email Reports and either editing a scheduled report or creating a new one.

Usability Improvements

New Welcome Widget


We’ve added a new widget that contains the Matomo presentation video to the default dashboard. If you regularly have new users that are entirely new to Matomo, this widget will help to get them started.

Campaign keyword detection improvements

Finally, we’ve made some changes to the way campaign keywords are detected for Adwords campaigns. If campaign keywords aren’t supplied in a query parameter when tracking an Adword campaign, we try to glean them from the referrer URL used (eg. if the user visits from Google and clicked an Adwords). If a keyword still cannot be found in the Referrer URL, the referrer domain is used so you’ll still know where the Adwords campaign was visited from.

Custom Alerts Notifications: We need your help to implement this awesome feature in Matomo!

We?re getting closer and closer to version 2.0, and we?re not going to stop! We?re working on implementing more of the features in the Roadmap in order to reach this important milestone.

We have just started a new crowd funding campaign, to implement and design a new Custom Alerts feature. This lets you create alerts and be notified by email or SMS text message, when they trigger. For example you can be notified if your visitors count decreases (or increases!) more than 100%. You can even create complex alerts like “Send me an email when visitors from Google decrease 20% since last week” or “Send me a SMS if Ecommerce Revenue goes below 100E on a given day”. It will help you detect issues early, and stay on top of your business!

Pledge now to make this awesome feature possible!

Participate in Matomo

Are you a talented developer or an experienced User Interface designer? or maybe you like to write documentation or are a marketing guru?

If you have some free time, if you are a do-er and not a talker ;-) and if you want to contribute to one of the most awesome open source projects around, please get in touch with the Matomo team, or read this page to learn more…


For the full list of changes in Matomo 1.11 check out the Changelog.

Thank you to the core developers, all the beta testers and users, our official supporters, the translators & everyone who reported bugs or feature requests.

If you are a company and would like to support an important project like Matomo, get in touch, it means a lot to us. You can also participate in the project ? and if you like what you read, please tell your friends and colleagues or write on your website, blog, forums, stackoverflow, etc.


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