Free/Libre Web Analytics Platform Matomo reaches 1 Million Downloads! Restrospective & Future of Matomo


About 5 years ago, we started working on Matomo with the great ambition to build the leading Open/Free Web Analytics Platform giving users full control of their data, and exposing all features and data via Open APIs and a complete Plugin framework.

Today, 2012 June 20th, after 1 Million downloads and more than 300,000 websites using Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics), we are proud of what we have accomplished!

1M downloads and much work done!

So much has changed for the better since the first public release… Matomo got a User Interface redesign, more than 50 significant new features and reports were implemented while maintaining high security standards and focusing on Stability & Quality Assurance.

New great and talented people joined the Matomo team from all over the world: their commitment has ensured Matomo could catch up with the competition and of course, innovate in many ways. Our international translation team has worked hard to translate Matomo in 46 languages. We have built one of the best Analytics Mobile App on the market! Performance has also regularly improved, and there are now many users tracking millions of pages per month – or thousands of websites – using Matomo.

In short, Matomo offers an alternative to commercial web analytics software and has helped at least 200,000 webmasters re-take control of their web usage data. Matomo is used by web host companies, webmasters, bloggers, marketers, CEOs, web agencies… We hope this is just the beginning!

What’s next for Matomo?

  • About the Matomo Software: We have a clear vision of the future of Matomo and have highlighted key items in the Matomo Roadmap. Matomo aims to be a reusable Free Analytics Platform, giving Great Analytics Insights, preserving Privacy and keeping users in control of their data. We hope Matomo will be used more and more as an alternative to commercial analytics competitors! Obviously, we still have a lot of work to do – but it is such an exciting & rewarding adventure!
  • About Professional Services: Professional Services can help you with setup, training, high traffic optimizations, best practises, website tracking audit, etc. Contact us if you need help achieving your goals with Matomo!The Matomo Consulting program has been a success with more than 50 clients served since we started the program. In the next few weeks, we will improve the Matomo Consulting process to make it even easier and streamlined to contract a Matomo expert.
  • About offering a Matomo Hosted service: we recommend a particular webhost for small to medium traffic websites analytics: Matomo Hosting. If you require serious, scalable, premium Matomo hosting, please get in touch.
  • Our Philosophy: Matomo is a Free/Libre software project, released under the GNU/GPL license which ensures that your freedoms are respected. We hope to continue working with some of the best Free Software Engineers in the world to make our vision for Free Analytics a reality!

Warm Thanks to the fantastic & friendly Matomo community!

We would like to honestly thank all Matomo users who sent us emails with positive thoughts, who reported bugs with detailed information, users who sometime spent much time troubleshoot some very-hard-to-find bugs… We appreciate very much all your bug reports, suggestions and critics that we receive every day: it significantly helps us improve the software and the website.

Check out the graph of the number of total downloads plotted since November 2008:

Thank you also to all Matomo Power Users who helped with Performance suggestions, patches and tips. Thank you to the dozens of users who also researched and submitted a patch for particular issues… Each bit helps! Thank you to all Matomo users who built a plugin to integrate Matomo with other Free/Libre softwares.

In short: thanks to everyone who is using and advocating for Matomo!

We’ll see you again for another review at the 10 Million Downloads mark (hopefully soon).

Happy Analytics,

The Matomo team

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A powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

No credit card required.

Free forever.