New features in Matomo 1.7 (screenshots!)

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Matomo (Piwik) 1.7 after weeks of development and testing.

The Matomo team has been implementing new features based on your feedback and on Professional Services requests:

  • New Web Analytics reports (Loyalty and Recency reports)
  • Better performance when tracking hundreds or thousands of websites
  • Improved PDF/HTML reports (now including Graphs, possible to add the “All Websites” dashboard to the reports)
  • Better usability (Change Dashboard layouts, Plot specified metric on graphs)

Here are some screenshots of the new features.

Loyalty report

Recency Report

Loyalty & Recency reports for Goals and Ecommerce conversions

Visitors > Overview now displays Page views, Downloads and Outlinks stats separately

PDF / HTML Reports now include Graphs! (optional)

Of course it works in all 46 languages in which Matomo is translated

Graphs: Select the metric to plot

In Matomo 1.6 you used to only be able to see the main metric, but you can now plot several metrics at once, and compare metrics to each other.



Dashboard with Custom Columns layout


How to change the Dashboard columns layout?

Click on “Dashboard & Widgets” (previously called “Add a Widget…”).

Include the All Websites dashboard in PDF/HTML Email reports


For the full list of changes in Matomo 1.7 check out the Changelog.

Thank you to the core developers, all the beta testers, the translators & everyone who reported bugs or feature requests.

Stay tuned, we have a few very cool features coming in the next few months. Also, please consider participating in the project — did you check our T-shirts merchandising page?.

Happy Analytics!

PS: Matomo is a Free/Libre software.

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