Reshaping Matomo Documentation

In this post you will hear all about what has recently been happening at Matomo: a new, simpler to use User Documentation now available at

Check out the new docs pages…

Using Matomo…

This is all the information needed to install and keep Matomo up and running such as: How to download and install Matomo, how to set-up auto archiving, how to update Matomo, knowing which version of Matomo is the latest and which bugs were corrected in which release.

This encompasses all the questions related to Matomo tracking system and its user interface: How to setup a website so it is tracked by Matomo, how to track campaigns and goals, how to use the dashboard, how to export reports and how to manage sites and users.

This section is about integration tasks such as: How statistics can be exported through the API, how a widget can be integrated in a separate website and how Matomo can be packaged in another application.

Enhancing Matomo

Both technical and non-technical, this section is about what is being and can be done to improve and develop Matomo: Translations, open source development process, quality standards, security, technical specifications, bug/feature requests and marketing effort.

This section is about mastering Matomo analytical framework to develop new features via plugins. It holds the complete framework reference and tutorials.

Finding the appropriate organization

We decided to classify all the help content into two main sections:

  1. Using Matomo. This section provides material to help mastering Matomo installation, optimization, tracking and advanced functionalities such as remote access to analytical data.
  2. Enhancing Matomo, relates to how Matomo evolves thanks to its community. It also includes a plugin development section.

The documentation will evolve in the next few weeks.

Feedback on documentation pages

To help with making documentation as useful as we can, we added a ‘Feedback form’ at the bottom of each documentation page, so feel free to post a suggestion, correction or question.

As always we value feedback from users so feel free to comment any aspect of the new organization and missing/outdated/imprecise material.

What’s next?

We are currently working on providing more content in the User Guide section by including topics such as campaign tracking and websites management.

We are actively looking for a Documentation lead! If you are a Matomo user, who is a native English speaker and loves to write, you could help maintaining and improving our help content. If you wish to contribute documentation, please read this page

Happy analysis!

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