Join our next IRC meetup this coming Thursday! This is an opportunity to participate in discussions on various Matomo (Piwik) initiatives and hear about upcoming releases and project milestones.

Date: Thurs April 1st, 1pm UTC
Duration: 30min
IRC #piwik channel


  • Matomo (Piwik) 0.6 release
  • Discuss mockups of a potential new piwik UI
  • General discussion

To join the chat, you can use the website: – See also what will be the time in your country at 1pm UTC.

Anyone can join, and if you are interested in participating in the project, this is your chance to introduce yourself and get to know others.

All welcome and hope to see you there!

Previous meetups:

Update: Meetup Log

(00:00:42) mattab: <meetup>
(00:00:42) mattab: hi everyone
(00:00:56) rschilt: Hi Matt
(00:01:19) mattab: first thing quickly... if there is anybody keen to beta test trunk, that would be great.. I worked on the new timezone feature, and a *lot* of code changed
(00:01:47) mattab: also we added: Ip exclusion (ip, ip ranges), define currency per website
(00:02:18) mattab: and exclude URL query parameters
(00:02:28) mattab: so beta testers welcomed!
(00:03:11) b [~513f5324@gateway/web/freenode/x-aatvhjnstmwmkbes] entered the room.
(00:03:13) bodo1: I will test "currency per website" (as it's my feature request)
(00:03:18) rschilt: re the timezone ticket... onya Matt!
(00:03:39) b is now known as Guest552
(00:03:45) mattab: The main topic today is the new piwik UI design; check out the main screenshot at:
(00:03:45) mattab: The ticket about this new design is
(00:04:11) mattab: So everyone... what do you think about this?
(00:04:53) hebbet: looks a little like wordpress admin
(00:05:17) glogiotatidis: i think is nice, clean and stylish
(00:05:21) rschilt: I like the mascot (our little birdie friend)
(00:05:33) mattab: it's just a mockup at the moment, so we have plenty of room for improvements, so the next step is to get your feedback, ask the designer to modify it, and submit a new mockup
(00:05:49) mattab: critics welcomed
(00:06:31) rschilt: What about setting number of columns?
(00:06:45) mattab: what should be improved? what looks ugly? what looks hard to read, understand?
(00:07:04) ReneLux: Very clean nice template
(00:07:24) Mariusz: selecting website by search? (upper right corner)
(00:07:31) mattab: rschilt, columns are set using the view "standard" (2 columns), "all columns" showing all columns (visits, pages, bounce rate, etc.) or the "Goals" view (goal revenue, conversion rate, etc).
(00:08:15) mattab: yes selecting website by search will be in the new design, it's actually already implemented in
(00:08:45) glogiotatidis: selecting website by search looks strange to me too
(00:08:55) glogiotatidis: maybe we can also have a drop down list?
(00:08:55) rschilt: matt - where does one set "view"
(00:09:19) mattab: website: by default, there will be a dropdown of like 10 or 15 websites. But you can also search
(00:09:50) mattab: currently it's using the icons below the widget tables, it's a bit confusing I agree
(00:10:30) glogiotatidis: ok nice
(00:10:36) Mariusz: looks really great. minimalistic, clear and clean design
(00:12:00) Mariusz: since there was a question in the forum. Do you plan to provide template other than the default one?
(00:12:51) mattab: There is a ticket, but work hasn't started on it:
(00:13:35) mattab: it's really an intro ticket, because specifications need to be written regarding how this could be implemented..
(00:14:14) rschilt: sorry Matt.... not clear on your answer re specifying number of columns. In WordPress one can specify number of columns displayed on Dashboard via "screen options" - is there a similar feature planned for Matomo?
(00:14:51) mattab: no, just the current feature of having 3 different views (standard, all columns, goal view)
(00:17:21) mattab: any other suggestion of improvements?
(00:17:55) rschilt: perhaps some choices re colour schemes?
(00:18:55) mattab: good point, we can ask for this
(00:19:15) vilmonts [~c16deb9e@gateway/web/freenode/x-qdyxlwdcmionzpkt] entered the room.
(00:19:25) vilmonts left the room.
(00:20:38) mattab: we'll post a blog post asking for feedback too
(00:20:39) rschilt: Matt - I'm looking but still cannot find where I change and set the 3 different views. Perhaps this could be improved in the new UI
(00:26:41) rschilt: seems to me that it needs to be an option available visible at the top of the screen and all the time (similar to "screen options" in Wordprfess) to control number of columns in the dashboard
(00:29:56) mattab: keep the feedback coming on the ticket if you have any! this is the right time to suggest improvements for piwik UI... </meetup>

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