We are trying to improve communication across the Matomo (Piwik) community of developers and users. Robert, the new Marketing & Community coordinator, suggested that we all meet in a synchronous way on regular basis, to catch up and discuss the progress of Matomo.

We have decided on using IRC, like WordPress and many others do for their meetings. Join us in the first Matomo (Piwik) IRC meetup!

Matomo meetup #1

Date: Thurs March 4th, 2pm UTC
Duration: 30min
IRC #piwik-dev channel

Topics are:

  • 0.5.5 release
  • new Marketing coordinator role
  • translations of the piwik.org website
  • Matomo (Piwik) 1.0 planning

To join the chat, you can use the website: http://webchat.freenode.net/ – See also what will be the time in your country at 2pm utc.

Anyone can join, and if you are interested in participating in the project, this is your chance to introduce yourself and get to know others.

Hope to see you there!

Update: meetup logs

(3:00:45 PM) vipsoft: <meetup>
(3:01:16 PM) vipsoft: Agenda:
(3:01:30 PM) vipsoft: * 0.5.5 release
(3:01:39 PM) vipsoft: * new Marketing coordinator role
(3:01:47 PM) vipsoft: * translations of the piwik.org website
(3:01:56 PM) vipsoft: * Matomo 1.0 planning
(3:05:11 PM) mattab: let's start with 0.5.5 release; here is the link to the roadmap: http://developer.matomo.org/trac/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&group=status&milestone=1+-+Piwik+0.5.5
(3:06:08 PM) mattab: a rough estimate is 5/6 days of work to fix these tickets, so release would be around end of next week - any thoughts?
(3:06:59 PM) rschilt: is there an easy way of displaying "assigned" on that trac query?
(3:07:38 PM) vipsoft: That would be the "owner" column
(3:08:04 PM) rschilt: owner and assigned are different fields within trac
(3:08:37 PM) Maciej_: should we do sth about the Matomo javascript code? Currently Matomo is tracking non-javascript browsers but in FAQ we say that it does not https://matomo.org/faq/new-to-piwik/#faq_63
(3:08:41 PM) rschilt: I've always assumed that all tickets have an owner but not all are assigned (active)
(3:08:51 PM) Maciej_: I had a consulting questions about it recently :)
(3:08:55 PM) mattab: Robert, assigned == owned
(3:10:48 PM) mattab: Maciej, good point. I think we should clarify that. What is not working in non JS mode, appart from the browser settings detection, click tracking, resolution?
(3:11:04 PM) rschilt: is it then fair to say that tickets without an owner are not being worked on currently?
(3:11:24 PM) vipsoft: generally, rob: yes
(3:11:44 PM) Maciej_: mattab: page titles, and any other additional params (custom variables)
(3:12:02 PM) mattab: Robert, I will grab the unassigned ones and fix them before the release, except if new devs are keen to play the bug hunt game
(3:12:27 PM) Peter_B: how can i get assigned to a bug?
(3:13:16 PM) mattab: you would have to post a comment asking for it, I don't think by default users can change the assign field (should they be able to?)
(3:13:38 PM) ***vipsoft nods.
(3:14:20 PM) vipsoft: no, should not be able to
(3:15:46 PM) mattab: Maciej, I think we should not count non-JS visits, but we should allow users to do so if they want to. Maybe a setting in the UI? Also, non-js tracking is very useful for things like external websites (Myspace, blogs, craig list postings, etc.) where javascript is not allowed.
(3:15:48 PM) hebbet [~57b07fbd@gateway/web/freenode/x-mfdysummkvuymgns] entered the room.
(3:16:45 PM) Maciej_: It is also useful for mobile browsers.
(3:16:58 PM) Maciej_: Which not neccesarily all support js.
(3:17:13 PM) Maciej_: Maybe let's make a variable in global.ini.php?
(3:17:18 PM) Maciej_: and update FAQ
(3:17:41 PM) mattab: right.. can you please create a ticket and we can have the discussion in there; a variable in global.ini.php sounds good, but non-js tracking disabled by default
(3:17:51 PM) mattab: anything else for 0.5.5? if not, let's move on to talk about Sir Robert "new Marketing coordinator".
(3:18:02 PM) Peter_B: i think the admins should assign. I will notify you, what bugs i could solve
(3:18:22 PM) Maciej_: Ok, I will create a ticket in a minute.
(3:18:27 PM) vipsoft: ok; moving along
(3:18:43 PM) rschilt: hi guys
(3:19:34 PM) mattab: Peter, great thx; Robert, would you like to quickly expose your thoughts and ideas regarding Matomo marketing and community building?
(3:19:51 PM) rschilt: Marketing roadmap: http://developer.matomo.org/trac/wiki/Piwik-Marketing-Roadmap
(3:20:13 PM) rschilt: I see it as a non technical role
(3:20:34 PM) rschilt: still settling in and finding my way around
(3:20:55 PM) rschilt: I think have good code is a must
(3:21:15 PM) rschilt: however there's another side to OSS that deserves attention
(3:21:47 PM) rschilt: There is a definite relation between the success of an OSS project and the degree and quality of community interaction/collaboration.
(3:22:17 PM) rschilt: This chat is an example of Matomo community communicating
(3:22:39 PM) rschilt: IThe Matomo "community" is made up of: Matomo Users, Core Team, Contributors, Sponsors and related communities (Eg: WP, Joomla etc...) - perhaps even someone that reads or knows about Matomo is also part of the community.
(3:23:01 PM) mattab: agreed, I think the blog could be used more to communicate too, most piwik users have it loaded in the piwik dashboard or their rss feeds
(3:23:31 PM) rschilt: And there exists a relation between the success of an OSS project and the degree and quality of community interaction/collaboration.
(3:24:30 PM) mattab: our forums are a good place for users, it is really working well so far, there's a lot of activity in there. For developers, we have the piwik-hackers ML but it does not see a lot of traffic recently
(3:25:11 PM) mattab: guys, if you like to review the marketing roadmap and suggest ideas or confirm that these are good ideas, please let Robert know
(3:25:21 PM) Maciej_: I think it's a problem :) i.e. users that subscribe to mailing lists does not often check forum and opposite
(3:25:28 PM) Peter_B: twingly for example made a poll in their community to vote for the priority of features to come up. they still have great reaction on this
(3:25:34 PM) rschilt: robert@piwik.org
(3:25:44 PM) rschilt: A job board is another idea
(3:25:44 PM) Maciej_: is there a way to integrate mailing lists and forum?
(3:26:23 PM) Maciej_: I agree. Job board is cool. Maybe we just need a page in Trac like symfony? http://trac.symfony-project.org/wiki/JobPostings
(3:26:24 PM) rschilt: Please explain Maciej
(3:26:46 PM) rschilt: Or even in the Forum?
(3:27:06 PM) Peter_B: For mailing lists, we could contact nabble for a dedicated piwik section, what do you mean?
(3:27:09 PM) rschilt: I believe we need to expland the topics in the Forum
(3:27:14 PM) Maciej_: so that the forum is just a "frontend" to mailing list
(3:27:33 PM) Maciej_: so users can subscribe to mailing lists instead of checking forum
(3:27:48 PM) vipsoft: The symphony page is more a job wanted board; duplicates our consultants page
(3:28:12 PM) rschilt: The idea of merging different mediums under a common umbrella is a good thing
(3:28:37 PM) mattab: the job board could be a listing of specific skills for specific 1.0 roadmap tickets; also, we sometimes have people contacting us with skills we don't have (ie. AS3) and we could add this in the job board
(3:29:27 PM) rschilt: great thinking guys!
(3:29:45 PM) rschilt: Gives the community the opportunity to contribute in short bursts rather than a big commitment.
(3:30:07 PM) mattab: it seems we can even add nabble to our existing ML; http://n3.nabble.com/more/MailingListRequest.jtp
(3:30:36 PM) rschilt: We provide a project/task brief, skills required etc... and a way for anyone interested to make further enquiries
(3:31:02 PM) rschilt: Perhaps we could setup an email address jobs@piwik.org
(3:31:04 PM) Maciej_: we can also hook there list of tickets
(3:31:11 PM) Maciej_: that needs these skills
(3:31:34 PM) mattab: Maciej, if you want to look at nabble let us know
(3:31:35 PM) rschilt: Someone will need to setup, manage and respond to enquiries
(3:31:42 PM) mattab: Robert, we can have a simple WP page
(3:32:00 PM) bleuroy [~500d2c52@gateway/web/freenode/x-koquzwdvvuyyhmxu] entered the room.
(3:32:11 PM) mattab: alright, let's move on to Matomo.org translations
(3:32:26 PM) mattab: so, we are working with the WPML guys to provide i18n version of piwik.org
(3:32:40 PM) mattab: the first supported language will be german at de.piwik.org and will be contributed by Peter
(3:33:01 PM) rschilt: Onya Peter!
(3:33:14 PM) Mariusz: @Peter if you need any help on that, tell me
(3:33:41 PM) hebbet: i have mailed a few days ago an updated german language file
(3:34:31 PM) Peter_B: Alright Marius, is there an official "internal" mailing list for this?
(3:34:40 PM) mattab: so we will make sure everything works great for this first language; after that, we would ideally want to add more languages :) the key thing is to find a strong community member (or a group of) that are keen to work on translations. So far, only Peter contacted us with the idea, but I expect we might have more contacts once the DE version is online.
(3:35:27 PM) mattab: Peter, all translations go through to Noah, translations@piwik.org
(3:35:51 PM) vipsoft: even website translations?
(3:36:01 PM) Mariusz: How to submit translation? By .po files?
(3:36:03 PM) mattab: no sorry, only language translations
(3:36:15 PM) mattab: I meant software translation
(3:36:24 PM) hebbet: @Mariusz php file in /lang/
(3:36:28 PM) rastatramp_ [~c1881ba4@gateway/web/freenode/x-hunnwdpqjjiwcaoj] entered the room.
(3:36:53 PM) mattab: the website will be translated using the WPML plugin, it's a really simple & clean mechanism
(3:36:58 PM) piwik-trac-bot: http://developer.matomo.org/trac/ticket/1193 Ticket #1193 (non-javascript tracking enabled/disabled in global.ini) created
(3:37:17 PM) rastatramp left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(3:37:19 PM) rschilt: now that was cool!
(3:37:27 PM) mattab: kuddos vipsoft for the tracbot thingy
(3:38:01 PM) rschilt: onya vipsoft!
(3:38:18 PM) mattab: guys, any thoughts about the website translation? we plan to translate the full website (pages, faq, docs, and some blog posts). developer.matomo.org will not be translated
(3:38:49 PM) rschilt: separate URL's?
(3:39:19 PM) rschilt: if yes - how will the sites be linked?
(3:39:32 PM) mattab: yep, we follow the wordpress.org model and have it at developer.matomo.org; there will be a language selector in the menu and in the footer
(3:39:44 PM) mattab: sorry, I meant *we have it at de.piwik.org*
(3:39:49 PM) Peter_B: the url's are defined by the localized headline and subdomain
(3:40:48 PM) rschilt: so there'll be a language selector at piwik.org as well?
(3:40:54 PM) Mariusz: wpml should have some kind of flags you could add as a widget. @linking pages
(3:41:09 PM) mattab: we plan to write a documentation for website translators for Peter first, so that we can have future translators get started easily
(3:41:34 PM) Peter_B: i would do an automatic redirect based on browser language, but also a language selector to force another lang
(3:41:36 PM) Maciej_: do we have now a repository for piwik homepage?
(3:41:41 PM) mattab: robert, yes there will be, later we can detect the language in user agent and propose the user with a german browser to go to de.piwik.org directly
(3:42:06 PM) rschilt: Cool!
(3:42:25 PM) mattab: Maciej, what do you mean by repo for the homepage?
(3:42:45 PM) Maciej_: piwik.org site
(3:43:07 PM) mattab: it is in  a private repo yes, that a few of us can access (I think you can but not sure)
(3:43:25 PM) Maciej_: (uhm, you can send me it on priv:])
(3:43:32 PM) mattab: sure..
(3:43:40 PM) Maciej_: for translations I think we can make it public
(3:43:53 PM) mattab: translations will be stored in the mysql DB in the WPML tables
(3:43:55 PM) Maciej_: what do you think?
(3:44:00 PM) vipsoft: afk;brb
(3:44:01 PM) Maciej_: Ah
(3:44:05 PM) Maciej_: ok
(3:44:17 PM) mattab: I'm not sure how we can make them public... but we can certainly make it easy for externals to help with the translations
(3:44:52 PM) mattab: ok well, I think the meeting is nearly done now. We'll have one next week, probably at 1PM UTC on Thursday. any feedback?
(3:45:19 PM) rschilt: a productive 1st meet
(3:46:20 PM) mattab: </meetup>

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