Free Matomo Tag Manager training - empower yourself to deploy website tags

Matomo’s short and informative tag manager training videos will educate you on the fundamentals of Matomo Tag Manager. 

Learn how to deploy tracking code on chosen pages and track various data, including conversions and analytics easily. By learning to do so, you open up endless possibilities on what data you can gather.

Total running time (for 11 videos): 66 minutes

01. Introduction to tag management systems

Running time: 4:21 minutes

By tagging your website and using Matomo Tag Manager alongside Matomo Analytics, you can collect much more data than you’d be able to otherwise.

Watch this introduction to get a general understanding about what a tag management system is, how it works, and what it achieves. 

02. Introduction to Matomo Tag Manager

Running time: 3:38 minutes

Let’s have a quick look at where you can find and use the tag manager within Matomo.

03. Deploying your first Container

Running time: 3:33 minutes

Once you get a grasp on how to set things up, you can learn more about how to deploy your own container easily. You will need to have these containers on all pages in order to use Matomo Tag Manager easily.

04. Tag Manager use case

Running time: 7:42 minutes

So now that you’ve got a basic grasp on how to use Matomo Tag Manager. It’s time to learn how to use it effectively with a practical example. Try following along and putting what you’ve learnt into practise by creating your first tag and trigger with Matomo Tag Manager. 

05. Tags

Running time: 7:19 minutes

In the previous video we touched on what tags are. In this video we’ll go one step further by having a detailed look at tags in action. There are a variety of tags you can add which gives you an abundance of options for tracking. After watching this video, you’ll be able to practise deploying your own tags!

06. Triggers

Running time: 7:31 minutes

In this video we’ll have a look at what triggers are and why they’re important. You’ll also be able to see how they work in practise. Triggers are crucial for you to measure different elements on your page. 

07. Variables

Running time: 11:47 minutes

What are variables? Get an understanding about what variables are and how they pay a major role in your tag management system. 

08. Versions

Running time: 3.31 minutes

Versions help create a productive environment for collaboration when you have a team of people working on the same tag management system. Take a look at how you can cut down confusion and keep up to date with changes in your tag manager configuration.

09. Preview, Debug, Publish

Running time: 6:16 minutes

You don’t want your visitors to be your guinea pigs, so it’s important to preview and see whether the implementation of your containers will work or not. This feature will give you hints on what is or isn’t working, and how you can fix it. By the end you can confidently decide whether your version is ready to be published.

10. Data Layers

Running time: 12:52 minutes

The data layer component is the more technical aspect of the tag management system that solves two major issues:

  • How to use data that’s not on the page
  • How to make sure your data is consistent across your website by preventing changes to your source code


11. Training conclusion

Running time: 0.42 minutes

Congrats on getting to the end of this tag manager training series! We hope you’re able to achieve all you set out to do with your Matomo Tag Manager.

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