If you are using Matomo Tag Manager, then enabling Content Tracking is a relatively simple process. First you need to ensure that you are using the Matomo Variable to implement Matomo Analytics and then you can then configure the settings to enable Content Tracking as follows:

  1. Install and configure Matomo Tag Manager (Full Guide Here)
  2. Install Matomo Analytics using the Matomo Tag.
    1. Click the green button to Create New Matomo Configuration Variable
    2. Click Track All Content Impressions if you want to track every time the content is loaded on the page whether it is seen or not or click Track Visible Content Impressions if you only want to track when the content is shown on the screen.
      Important Note: If both of these options are checked as in the screenshot below, then both options will be active and impressions may be counted twice. Make sure you only enable one of these methods for accurate tracking.
      Content Tracking in Matomo Tag Manager
    3. Click the green button to Create New Variable
  3. Click Create New Tag button
  4. Publish your container.

Note: If you were previously using the Matomo JavaScript Tracker then make sure that you remove it from your website to remove the risk of double tracking.

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