While tracking a piece of content, the following metrics are generated for your Content Tracking Reports.

  • Impressions – The number of times that a content block, such as a banner or advert, was on a page that somebody visited. If you have configured Matomo to only track impressions for visible content blocks, it will tell you how many times it has been shown on the screen. Otherwise, it will tell you many times a page was loaded containing the block of content.

  • Content Interaction – An interaction typically occurs when a user clicks on a banner or ad, but it can be any interaction that a visitor makes within a specified content block. Other examples of interactions could be a video play or form submission.

  • Interaction Rate – This is the ratio of content Impressions to Interactions. For example, if an ad was displayed 100 times and there were 2 interactions, this would result in an interaction rate of 2%. The formula to calculate interaction rates is:

    (Interactions / Impressions) * 100 = % Interaction Rate 

The screenshot below is from a Content Name report showing how often each piece of content was viewed and interacted with.

Content Tracking Metrics

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