• Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  • In the left menu click on Matomo Analytics -> Settings. You should now be in the tab for the “Tracking” settings.
  • Locate the setting for “Endpoint for JavaScript tracker” (likely at the very end)
  • Click on the question mark on the right
  • The help text should appear showing you the path to your JS tracker file
  • It’s typically https://yourdomain/wp-content/uploads/matomo/matomo.js unless you change the setting to Rest API in which case it be usually something like https://yourdomain/wp-json/matomo/v1/hit/

Alternatively, you can also find the path to the JS tracker file in the diagnostics report by clicking in the WP admin left menu on “Matomo Analytics -> Diagnostics” and then locating the “Matomo -> Endpoints” section.

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