TRANSCRIPT: Alright, so now you want to start mapping the customer journey from entry onto your website through to conversion; whether it be purchasing a product from your online store, or a sign-up lead, or any other Goal you have created. This is what the Funnels feature is for.

A potential customer journey could look like this:

  • A customer lands on your homepage
  • They click on a promotional link advertising 50% off scuba diving masks and then land on a product information page
  • They read all the information on the scuba diving mask and click on the “buy now” button
  • The item appears in the cart, your customer sees the item on the cart page and is asked for confirmation before proceeding with the order. They then click the “Checkout” button
  • The customer starts to fill in personal; postal; and credit card information and then clicks the “confirm order” button
  • The customer then is redirected to a “Thank You for your order” page

So, the customer checked out by taking 6 different actions on your website; this is known as a 6 step funnel process; and by defining this process in the Funnels feature, you can see information of how your customers are navigating their way through this process; how many are dropping off through the funnel and how many of the visitors that started step 1, went on to make it to step 6 to purchase that scuba diving mask.

Matomo’s advanced funnel feature even includes Referrer insights of where visitors entered your funnel from and where they exited the funnel. You can also use the segmented visitor log to breakdown individual users; and you can use the advanced row evolution feature to show how user behaviour changed over time.

When analysing metrics from the funnels feature, a strategy for your marketing efforts should be to minimize the drop-offs per step and increase the percentage of users clicking through between each step. For example, this could come in the form of decreasing the number of steps in your purchasing process; imagine if your visitors could check out through 3 steps rather than 6; always think of your visitors and helping them get through the steps you want them to take as seamlessly as possible.

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