Matomo Cloud API usage limits

Matomo Cloud uses rate limiting on some resources to ensure fair and reliable service for all customers. Most API consumers may never encounter rate limiting, but a very small amount of consumers may encounter rate limiting.

Matomo Cloud primarily rate limits by individual IP, but some resources are rate limited by subdomain or account. Resources that are rate limited are restricted to the dashboard usage and Reporting API, we do not rate limit the Tracking API or tracking endpoints.

If you do encounter a 429 Too Many Requests HTTP code in a response from Matomo Cloud then you are likely being rate limited. In this case, please configure your application to stand down and reattempt the request at a later time. Please use the below table as a reference to the various configured rate limits.

Resource Rate limit Path Scope
Live resources 1000 / 5 mins Contains method=live or module=live Per IP
Transitions resources 500 / 5 mins Contains method=transitions or module=transitions Per IP
Raw data resources 8 simultaneous queries Contains Live.getCounters, Live.getLastVisitsDetails, Live.getVisitorProfile, or CustomReports.previewReport Per subdomain/account
Non-tracking requests / API requests 5,000 / 5 mins Is a non-tracking path. This applies to Reporting API requests, Dashboard related paths and UI paths. Per IP

Please note that there are 2 different types of rate limiting utilised on Matomo Cloud. One of these is traditional rate limiting of the amount of request over a period of time, the second type is a limit of the current amount of simultaneous queries being run at any one time.