Matomo by default creates a Pageview trigger and a Matomo Analytics – Pageview type tag to track your pageviews seamlessly. You can navigate to Triggers and Tags section to check if pageview trigger and tag exists or not. If not follow this steps to track your pageviews into Matomo Analytics using Matomo Tag Manager

  1. Create a Matomo Configuration Variable

    • Navigate to Variables and click “Create new Variable”.
    • Under “Choose a type of variable” click “Matomo Configuration“.
  2. Create a Pageview trigger

    • Navigate to Triggers and click “Create new Trigger”.
    • Click “Pageview” under “Pageview” section.
    • Give your trigger a name, and click “Create New Trigger”.
  3. Create Matomo Analytics tag
    • Navigate to Tags and click “Create new Tag“.
    • Click “Matomo Analytics” under “Analytics” section.
    • In the section “Configure when the tag should do this”, under “Execute this tag when any of these triggers are triggered” select the “Pageview” trigger created in step 1.
    • Click “Create new Tag“.
  4. In the left menu, click “Publish“.
  5. Add a version name, for example 1.0
  6. Click the green “Create New Version And Publish Release” button.
  7. Install the Matomo Tag Manager code into your site.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Matomo Analytics Pageview tracking code via the Matomo Tag Manager.