When you create a new site in Matomo (most of the time a container will equal one website), the Tag Manager will automatically pre-configure a container with a Matomo tracking code tag for you (you will find this tracking code within the Tracking code menu in the backend):

If you want to create a container for an already existing site, or create an additional container, log in to your Matomo now and click on “Tag Manager => Manage Containers”.

You will now see the list of containers:

Click on the link to “Create new container”. Here you can enter the name and description (optional) for your container. Use any name that helps you identify this container, for example the name of the site or what you are using this container for. The “context” option will be disabled as we do not yet support a different context such as Android or iOS.

Once you have created a container, you will automatically be redirected to the container dashboard.