Matomo (Piwik) can be used to track an unlimited number of websites. Matomo can track pages on multiple domains and subdomains. Most users track from 1 to 10 websites, but some Matomo servers track more than 10,000 websites!

Add a Website

You must be logged in to Matomo as the super user to add a new Website. Click on Administration to access the administration area, then under Websites/Measurable click on Manage. This page is used to create, update and delete websites.

Click on Add a new website to create a new site in Matomo. The website form shows all the options you can specify:

These are the attributes that you can specify for each website:

  1. Name: the website’s name
  2. Alias URLs: domains and subdomains that are tracked in this website. This will ensure that tracked domains don’t appear in the Referrer report.
  3. Excluded IPs: a list of IPs, or IP ranges (132.4.3.* or 143.2..) to be excluded from being tracked on all websites.
  4. Excluded Parameters: URL query parameters that should be excluded from URLs, for example session parameters. This will ensure your Behaviour > Pages reports stay clean and easy to analyse.
  5. Time zone: each website will report data in its given time zone. If you update the website time zone, only the reports going forward will be affected.
  6. Currency: the currency symbol will be displayed next to revenue in your goals.
  7. Ecommerce: if your website is an Ecommerce store you can enable the Ecommerce reports

You can also specify Matomo-wide values for these attributes at the bottom of the page. For example, you can set a list of IPs to exclude on all websites and URL parameters to always exclude from tracked page URLs on all websites.

Update and Delete Websites

To update a website, click on Administration (cog icon) > Websites/Measurable > Manage > Edit, update one or several fields, and then press Save.

To delete a website, Click on Administration (cog icon) > Websites/Measurable > Manage > Delete at the right of the Websites screen. Please double check before deleting a website, since this operation cannot be reversed.