​If you are not able to see the keywords in the Google Search console, Matomo will not be able to import the keywords. Here is the explanation of what’s likely happening:

Your website may be running with HTTPS only or Google may send all search traffic to your HTTPS website, but maybe you have configured a HTTP property in Google Search Console. So if you have added http://your-website.com to Google Search Console, it won’t show you any traffic directed to https://your-website.com

So you likely need to add the https://your-website.com URL-prefix property to Search Console and configure Matomo to import that data.

Alternatively, as you can see in this Google documentation, you can add a Domain Property. A Domain property in Search console will Include all subdomains (m, www, and so on) and both protocols (HTTP, HTTPS).​
-> We recommend to add your Domain property​ to Google Search Console (or alternatively add your URL-Prefix property starting with https://).
​Could you try this and let us know if you can see your keywords in the Search Console?

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