Go to Matomo. In the left menu click “Media” and then select a Media report of your choice.


The “Overview” report gives you an overview over the media metrics and how they evolved over time.

Media Overview

Real-time reports

With the Real-time report you always have an eye on what is happening right now.

Media Real-time Report

Real-time Audience Map

Detailed Video and Audio reports

The Video & Audio reports show you critical metrics into how and when your media was consumed.

Media Video Report

By clicking on the plus icon when hovering a media you can drill down further to get even more details into how each individual media was consumed.

Media Details

The plugin supports popular Matomo (Piwik) features like Row Evolution, Segmented Visitor Log, Scheduled Reports, and all reports can be added to your dashboard.

Row Evolution

Audience Log & Audience Map

The Audience Log & Audience Map lets you know where your audience is located, who they are, and what they did before and after watching a video or listening to audio.

Audience Log

Audience Map