Integrate Matomo with your CMS, Ecommerce Software, and More

Plugins for third-party software to integrate Matomo tracking automatically. Available for WordPress, Drupal, and many more.

Export your data: Analytics Widgets

Embedding Matomo Widgets: Display Matomo’s widgets & statistics in your web pages.

Analytics API: fetch your data, integrate users, websites and more

Matomo Analytics API: Access your data and administrate Matomo via open APIs.

Tracking API: track your data

Use the Matomo Tracking API over HTTPS or one of the Tracking API SDKs to track users and their interactions on your websites and apps (pageviews, clicks, downloads, videos, form interactions, heatmaps and more).

Customize Matomo with Plugins and Themes

Do more with Matomo Analytics with Plugins and Themes from the Matomo Marketplace.

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