Joomla is one of the popular Content Management Systems, have you ever wondered how to integrate Matomo Analytics with your Joomla site. Integrating Matomo will help you get the insights of visitors behaviour on you website and increase the conversion. “nfrPiwik” plugin helps you to add Matomo Tracking code in to your Joomla site with ease.

You will need Matomo (Cloud or On-Premise) and Joomla.

Integrate Matomo Analytics to your Joomla website

Follow the steps below:
1. Download “itcs Matomo plugin” plugin and extract it to “/tmp” folder inside Joomla directory and rename the folder to “itcs Matomo Plugin”
2. Log in to Joomla Administration
3. Hover over “Extension” from the top menu bar
4. Hover over “Manage” and click on “Install”

5. Click on “Install from folder”
6. Click on “Check and Install”

7. Make sure the folder “Joomla/plugins/system” is writable by your web server as the plugin will need to create a folder in this location
8. Once the installation is successful, hover over “Extension” from the top menu bar
9. Click on “Plugins” and enter “itcs Matomo Plugin” in the search
10. Select “itcs Matomo Plugin” and click on “Enable” on the top

11. Copy the Tracking code of your website by following the steps below:
     a. Login to Matomo
     b. Click on “Admin (cog icon)” on the top right of your dashboard
     c. Click on “Manage” under “Measurables”
     d. Click on “View Tracking Code”
     e. Scroll down and Copy the JavaScript tracking code
     f. Paste the Tracking code in “PLG_MATOMO-ANALYTIC_CODE” field

12. Click on “Save & Close”
13. Open your website in the browser and perform some actions (eg: navigate to different pages)
14. Log in to your Matomo and check if you’re able to see the data

Congratulations, you should now be successfully tracking visitors with Matomo Analytics through your Joomla site.

Happy Analytics!

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