By default, Matomo uses a JavaScript Tracker code to track users who visit a website with their browser. However, using JavaScript is not the only option and Matomo also offers several alternatives. For example, you can use Matomo to get Mobile Apps Analytics for iOS and Android based apps. You can also implement tracking of your users and interactions in your Apps, or APIs, or servers backends using one of the Server-Side tracking libraries. The Matomo team offers SDKs for Apps and Server-Side Analytics in the following languages:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • C#

There are community contributed SDKs in many more languages:

And if for some reason you can’t implement server-side tracking, but you have access to the web server access logs, you can use the Log Analytics tool to import your server-side logs in Matomo! Learn more in Server Logs Analytics and How do I use Log Analytics to import my logs?

Note to developers: if you use any of these SDKs, it is greatly appreciated if you can consider reporting bugs, feature requests, and even open pull requests to help improve these SDKs, in the relevant GitHub issue tracker. Most of these SDKs are built by developers like you from the Matomo community, and we rely on your support to keep the SDKs up to date. The PHP SDK is always the most up-to-date one and the one that you can refer to when implementing a new SDK, since Matomo itself uses the PHP SDK for server-side tracking.