Importing your Google Analytics data is easy with Matomo. You can use this to create a backup of your properties and reporting data, and analyse them using Matomo. For small and medium traffic websites, the Quick Connect with Google Analytics option is a fast and easy way to import your Google Analytics data (see the steps below). For high-traffic websites, or to import data for many websites, refer to this guide for detailed instructions.

  1. Login as a super user and navigate to the Google Analytics Import screen (go to Administration > System > Google Analytics Import).
  2. Choose Quick connect as your way of importing.
  3. Click the “Connect with Google Analytics” button (this opens a new tab).
    Note: You may receive a warning from Google saying “Google hasn’t verified this app”. In this case, you can safely continue by clicking on “Advanced”, and then “Go to (unsafe)”.
  4. Select the Google Analytics properties you want to import.
  5. Click the “Import properties” button.
    Note: Once you click “Import properties”, Matomo will automatically create a new Matomo website for each selected property.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your Google Analytics import. To see your data, refresh the page and select the newly created Matomo website from the dropdown on the top left.
Note: The data import can take a while, so not all data will be visible immediately.As noted earlier, this data is being imported into a new Matomo website. To verify that data is being imported, visit your Google Analytics Import page in the settings and check that the import job is running.