You may have a scenario where you may want to find the list of products left in the cart by a visitor, Matomo makes it simple with Ecommerce Analytics, User ID tracking and Custom Reports.

1) Track Ecommerce interactions

Follow our Ecommerce Analytics user guide for steps on tracking your ecommerce orders and product purchases.

2) Tracking a User ID for your customers:

Firstly in order to get the list of Customers, you need a way to generate and/or assign a unique persistent ID to each of your users, and then you need to send this User ID along with the data being collected by Matomo. Learn more in the User ID user guide.

3) Once you are tracking a User ID for your customers, create the custom report by following the steps below:

  1. Click on “Custom Reports” > “Manage Reports”
  2. Click on “Create new report”

3. Name and describe the report as desired
4. Under “Dimensions”, add “User ID”, “Number of Items in cart”

5. Under “Metrics”, add desired metrics
6. Click on “Create new report” (it will take 1 or 2 hours to process the report)
7. Choose the newly created report under “Custom Reports”

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