By default Matomo (Piwik) caches data in the local filesystem of each server. If your Matomo environment consists of multiple servers a common problem is that caches are only invalidated on one server instead of all servers. To workaround this we recommend to use a shared cache for all of your servers. You can do this by installing and configuring Redis.

Known issues:

  • The Redis cache can be only used if all servers have the same path to the Matomo directory
  • There may be temporary issues while deploying a new Matomo version if not all servers are updated at the same time.

To use Redis as a cache follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are using at least Matomo 2.10 (latest Matomo version recommended)
  • Install Redis see Redis Quickstart
  • Install the PHP extension phpredis
  • Don’t forget to restart your webserver
  • Once successfully setup, enable it in the config file config/config.ini.php. Make sure to adjust the section [RedisCache] to your needs. You have to make this change on each of your server.

changes to config/config.ini.php:

backend = chained

backends[] = array
backends[] = redis

host = "" 
port = 6379
timeout = 0.0
password = ""
database = 14
; In case you are using queued tracking: Make sure to configure a different database! Otherwise queued requests will be flushed
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