This page explains the requirements to import your server logs in Matomo.

  • Log Analytics works with Matomo Cloud, Matomo On-Premise, and Matomo for WordPress
  • To execute the import script, you need access to a server via SSH or some way of executing scripts on your server
  • Python 3.5 or newer required (Matomo 3 supports Python 2.6 and 2.7). Note: the script that loads and parses the log files is written in Python
  • You will also need one or more log files to parse and analyze with Matomo (Piwik) (inside each log file the log lines must be ordered by date)
  • Note: we recommend that you use the extended log format which includes user agent, referrer URL, an full URLs (including hostnames) in the logs. If these fields are missing from the logs, analytics data in Matomo will be less accurate.
  • Using Matomo On-Premise? Setup Geo Location for accurate country and city detection. Matomo guesses visitors’ countries based on the visitor’s browser language, but this information is not available in the access logs, so Geo Location is a must-have. This step is taken care of for you automatically if you are on the Matomo Cloud or if you are using Matomo for WordPress.