The Visits in Real-time report is available under Visitors > Real-time, and also available to be added as a widget in your custom Dashboards (Dashboard > Add a widget > Visitors > Visits in Real-time). This report shows the real time flow of visits to your website. It also displays a real time counter of your visits and page views in the last 24 hours and the last 30 minutes.

The Visits in Real-time report refreshes every 5 seconds, and displays new visits (or existing visitors that view a new page) at the top of list with a fade-in effect. For each visitor, you can see all of their attributes:

  • date
  • number of actions
  • time spent on the site
  • country
  • browser
  • operating system
  • whether the visitor is new or a returning visit
  • the referrer used to access your site (Search engine & keyword, Campaign, or Referrer website)
  • whether the visitor converted a goal

If you hover over these icons, you can also see the resolution and the list of enabled browser plugins.

The Visits in Real-time report also shows the list of page views and actions the visitor performed on your site. Hovering over the icon will show the page name and the time that the page was accessed. Clicking on the icon will open the actual page on your site.

Screenshot of the Visits in Real-time report showing your stats in real time

You can see the Visits in Real-time report on the official Matomo Demo.