Here are just a few examples of typical A/B tests experiment that can increase your website’s revenue and conversion and grow your business:

  • Often your goal is to convert people to submit a form to contact you, or signup to your service. Experiment with different form designs for example a simpler form asking for less information, making the form fields bigger and more visible, or changing the labels of your form fields.
  • In your marketing landing pages you may display a photo or several photos. Experiment with other photos for example: a photo showing a happy person vs a photo showing your products in action vs several smaller photos.
  • in your marketing pages or marketing campaigns, experiment with using different headlines and call to actions text.
  • Experiment with a different navigation on your website, by reorganising your menu or even re-designing your menu. Compare your success metrics for a vertical menu vs horizontal menu.
  • On your ecommerce website, you can test the label of your Call to action button: Add to Cart vs Buy Now vs Purchase vs Checkout.
  • Experiment with the location of your button on the page.
  • Experiment with the style of the button: colors, size, …
  • In your checkout flow, experiment with removing some elements of your page (selectors, buttons, links) to make your page as simple as possible and compare with your original design to see whether your ecommerce orders increase.

Happy experimenting!

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