Roll-Up Reporting lets you easily aggregate data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into a Roll-Up site to gain new insights and save time.

Roll-Up Reporting is a premium feature which is included in our Cloud-hosted Business plans or you can purchase it on the Matomo Marketplace if you self host Matomo On-Premise. Learn more about all the benefits and features of Roll-Up Reporting.

When to use a Roll-Up site

Roll-Up Reporting lets you aggregate data from multiple websites and apps into one single site. It lets you answer questions like “How many visits happened on all of my websites and apps?” and “Which campaigns contributed the most across several of my websites?” or “How do my various Brands overall compare with each other?”

When you have several shops (eg white-labels) it is very valuable to see how your ecommerce shops are performing overall. Or when you are a web agency and you are serving many customers and want to provide each customer with a single aggregate view of all their web properties.

Roll-Up Diagram

Managing Roll-Ups

You can create Roll-Ups in the Websites Management the same way you would create a regular website or app. Once installed, the menu item in the administration might be renamed from “Websites” to “Measurables”.

Roll-Up Admin Menu

To create a Roll-Up, go to Matomo (Piwik). In the top menu click on “Administration” and then “Measurables: Manage”. Next click on “Add a new measurable” and in the dialog choose “Roll-Up”.

Add New Roll-Up Dialog

Now you can define the name of the Roll-Up and choose which of your websites and apps should be grouped together under this Roll-Up. Please note that Super User access is required in order to create a Roll-Up.

Roll-Up Manage

If you want to change a Roll-Up at a later point, simply go to “Measurables: Manage” again and click on the “edit-icon” for the Roll-Up you want to change. You can create as many Roll-Ups and assign as many websites and apps to it as you wish.

Viewing reports of Roll-Ups

You can view all reports for Roll-Ups just like you do for any other website or app. To make it easier for you, we prefix Roll-Ups in the “website selector” and “All Websites Dashboard” with “[Roll-Up]”. This allows you to quickly identify such sites and search for them.

Visitor log and real time reports

In the Visitor Log and Real-time widget you will see all visitors across several websites. To still know which website a visit belongs to, the name of the website is shown above the visit details.

Roll-Up site’s visitor log shows users across websites

Real time widget showing users across the Roll-Up websites