Cloud-Hosted Matomo

Cloud hosting Matomo is so simple to setup and use.

The Cloud-hosted service of Matomo (formerly Piwik) provides you with a secure, cost-effective and reliable analytics solution, while still allowing you to have full control and ownership of your data and privacy.

Start tracking Complete Analytics in no time.

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Matomo Cloud service highlights

Matomo Analytics Platform

Enjoy the power of your very own Matomo analytics platform. Track an unlimited number of websites, create any number of users and analyse your website’s data and information!

Technical and user support

We will provide ongoing support, advice and tips. We will also deliver fast, competent and clear responses that focus on solving any issues that you may face.

Full Service

You will receive assistance with configuration & setup and will always have the most recent and stable version of Matomo.

Server security

We implement high security standards and industry best practices to ensure your data is protected.

Data Ownership

You are the sole owner of the data tracked by your Matomo service and you can request a full raw data dump at any time.

Privacy Compliance

Our strong Privacy Policy complies with EU and local law regulations and ensures that your users’ privacy is protected.
Privacy Policy

Infrastructure Monitoring

We will monitor your Matomo platform 24/7 to ensure it runs smoothly without any interruptions. We will detect and rectify potential issues before they affect your service.

Backups and Data Protection

We’ll replicate your analytics data into multiple database servers and make daily backups to ensure your data is always safe.

High Availability & Redundancy

Your data tracking service will always be available thanks to our scalable, redundant infrastructure setup.

Grow your business

With advanced capabilities such as A/B Testing, Web Forms Analytics, Video player tracking, White Labelling, Funnels analysis, we help you grow your conversions.

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