Piwik 2.1.0 is a major new release. This is a follow up to our Piwik 2.0 release. In this release, we have focused on making Piwik faster, as well as improving the Piwik platform behind the scenes. Of course, we’re also shipping some new features for you to enjoy!

We highly recommend that you upgrade your server to Piwik 2.1.0 today to benefit from the many improvements in this release.

After You Update

  • Please help us spread the word about Piwik! Maybe you can write about the project on your blog, website, twitter, at conferences, or let your friends and colleagues know what is Piwik.
    Already 1,100,000 websites have liberated their web analytics but we need your help to grow the community!
  • After the update, if you get a white page or the CSS is not working (Piwik appears black and white), see this FAQ.
  • To improve Piwik in your language consider contributing to translations.
  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support)
  • Contact Piwik Consultants for any enquiry, custom development or to learn more about making the most of Piwik (paid support)

New FAQs and User Guides

List of 82 tickets closed in Piwik 2.1.0

  • #4604 Archive.php memory improvements (up to 10 times less memory required!)
  • #4611 Make Innodb the new default type for all new Piwik installations (VS Myisam)
  • #514 New Plugin: Provide HTTP_AUTH Authentication for Piwik – Release in Marketplace
  • #2589 Add Support for Multiple Superusers
  • #4564 Introduce new User permission: Super User Access
  • #4610 Make Archive.php use PHP CLI instead of Web, more reliable and faster
  • #4617 Various improvements to Devices Detection algorithm
  • #3433 Implement a Smart App Banner to promote iPhone / iPad App
  • #4502 Add Segment Editor to the Iframed embed dashboard
  • #4520 Implement Smart App banner for Android devices
  • #4582 Allow Super Users to change their alias
  • #4796 Piwik will now use Semantic Versioning for Piwik core releases and all plugins
  • #4675 New config setting to disable Creation of real time segments by non Super Users
  • #4701 CSV format for Scheduled Email Reports
  • #4683 Tracking API speed improvement: cache parsed yaml in tracker cache (DevicesDetection)
  • #4001 Remove force_ssl_login setting -> only support force_ssl for security
  • #4529 Automatically activate/deactivate the ‘Login’ plugin when activating another Login plugin (eg. LdapLogin)
  • #4532 Custom date range not working if archiving triggered by report view from browser is disabled
  • #4562 no option to “Reuse the tables” when reinstalling Piwik
  • #4580 Users should not be able to delete custom segments created by Super User
  • #4598 Different visitors with the same configuration visiting the site at same second, could be recorded as one visitor
  • #4612 Regressed: Scheduled reports should be sent automatically by webcron, when cron is not setup
  • #4653 If server is not using at least PHP 5.3, make sure Piwik displays a useful error message
  • #4563 PrivacyManager settings + Custom logo should be stored using Option:: rather than in config file
  • #4565 Overriding location, city, region, latitude, longitude should be work for all actions
  • #4607 Kindly Ask plugins developers of plugins for Piwik 1.x to convert to Piwik 2 platform
  • #4609 Remove comments still referencing old Piwik_ (before using PHP 5.3 namespaces)
  • #1877 Search Engine Detection: plugin hook
  • #3343 Live: Returning visitor to open last visits for this visitor, in Visitor Log & Last visits widget
  • #3865 Detect Firefox OS
  • #4084 Show “Help us translate Piwik” after Installation
  • #4503 New segment: support for ‘visitConvertedGoalId’ in all reports (visitors who converted a particular Goal)
  • #4517 Create plugin to list all scheduled tasks
  • #4539 Taks Timetable Plugin: Show actual Piwik ServerTime
  • #4569 Add feedback message when a segment is used, and browser_archiving_disabled_enforce = 1
  • #4711 New console command to update core and/or plugins
  • #3789 Misplaced icons when report spans on multiple pages
  • #3964 Piwik detects Opera 15 as Chrome 28
  • #3990 Samsung Tab should be qualified as tablet
  • #4260 Make campaign name and campaign keyword lowercase when tracking
  • #4375 Metrics picker on Referrers: add “Total” record
  • #4432 Notice:Array to string conversion in tmp/templates_c/42/f7/
  • #4436 Clockwork API returned the following error message : Error 7: ‘Content’ Parameter Not Specified’
  • #4439 invalid shutdown callback when eAccelerator is enabled
  • #4443 Theming: some images not overridden by theme images
  • #4451 “Load more visits” with “Visitor Profile” loads the same visits
  • #4496 Annotations, unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset
  • #4525 Incorrect url redirection from transitions modal window
  • #4533 Auto Geoip Db update may fail, Tar library not loading in some server configs
  • #4540 tasks timetable plugin: take year into account
  • #4541 Visits per server time wrong sort key…
  • #4557 Piwik detects Midori 0.5 as Chrome 18
  • #4559 GeoIPCity.dat error in UIAssetCacheBuster.php
  • #4560 Fix Piwik API to be used with AngularJS JSONP callback
  • #4561 typo in plugins/Login/templates/login.twig
  • #4568 Invalidating reports may fail because of log delete settings
  • #4578 Show author of plugin
  • #4600 Untranslated text in referrers template
  • #4603 Ensure Database is set in Tracker
  • #4618 DisplayTopKeywords only shows a single character
  • #4628 Log Analytics –enable-bots does not enable bots tracking
  • #4631 Installation: when upgrading from 2.0.3 and reusing existing tables during install, sql error
  • #4654 Update currencies
  • #4669 Call to undefined method Twig_TokenStream::nextIf in core/View/RenderTokenParser.php line 43
  • #4678 Fatal error in VisitsSummary\Controller::getEvolutionGraph()
  • #4679 SegmentEditor API throws NoAccessException
  • #4681 The Tracker.getDatabaseConfig event is fired before the loading of the plugins
  • #4682 Morpheus theme makes tables in security settings partly unreadable
  • #4516 do not track pingdom bot
  • #4614 Remove visualphpunit
  • #4538 German Translation for Scheduled Task/ Task Timetable Plugin attached
  • #3800 Styling: Missing indentions for level5 and deeper
  • #3971 Wrong device detection
  • #3972 UserSettings.getMobileVsDesktop error with period=month, date=previous1, idSite=all
  • #4263 geoip DB automatic update doesn’t respect update period
  • #4536 UI bugs connected to subdatatables
  • #4545 Social Network icon for Youtu.be is missing
  • #4556 Small UI error in “Real time visitor count”…
  • #4567 CacheBuster is suboptimal
  • #4572 Useless code spotted.
  • #4626 Warning: preg_match(): Unknown modifier ‘/’ in Url.php
  • #4655 Invalidate merged Noncore JS / CSS in case of any plugin update/downgrade/uninstall

Credits go to the Piwik team for their achievement as well as Professional Consultants, our Wonderful sponsors and our Friends.

Learn more about Piwik 2.0 in our Launch press release.

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