The Real Time Visitor Map is a great tool for Matomo (Piwik) users. It lists, in real-time, all visitors to the website and puts them on the map according to their country and locations (based on country, region, city and/or latitude and longitude).

If the Real Time Map is for you not showing any data, please check the following items:

  • Make sure you have enabled Geo-location with the City database in your Matomo. Geo-location will enable Matomo to try and fetch the following information for each visitor: country, region, city, latitude and longitude. After enabling City Geo-location (for example using the Geoip php or Geoip PECL options), most of your visitors will be geo located and should be displayed on the map!
  • Do you get Javascript errors on the Map? This may occur when your server is not configured to properly serve SVG files. Matomo Maps stores the countries boundaries to draw the map, in SVG files.
    • If you are using Apache webserver, create a .htaccess file, in the piwik/ directory, with the following content:
AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz
AddEncoding gzip svgz
  • If you are using Nginx webserver, in your mime.types file (example mime.types), add the following:
  image/svg+xml svg svgz;
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