This is a maintenance release following Piwik 1.1. This release fixes a few bugs in rare PHP versions.

Important Notes:

  • if you get a white dashboard after the update, please log out, delete your browser cache, and login again.
  • if you set the cookie to be ignored from being tracked by Piwik , please set the cookie again from 1.1. The cookie is now signed to prevent abuse, and requires to be re-set (go to Settings > User settings).

List of issues fixed in this release

  • Fixed errors with PHP 5.2.0 and some PHP 5.1.x builds and PHP 5.2.6
  • Live! real time visitors is now showing time of the last page view
  • Some proxies report the IP as a.b.c.d:1234 – this case is now handled (preventing IP showing as
  • #1946     Template bug in CoreAdminHome
  • #1662     jQuery – Live Visitors Widget memory leak
  • #1963 PDFReports: cron task stops with Error: Object of class Piwik_Date could not be converted to int (piwik/core/Date.php on line 47)