We are proud to announce Matomo 4.7.0: a new release of Matomo Analytics.

Note: We have released 4.7.1 shortly after 4.7.0 to address a small issue in our release process (we prematurely released several changes scheduled for 4.8.0) and to fix several small regressions.

What’s new?

The latest installment in a series of maintenance releases, Matomo 4.7.0 continues the march towards greater reliability and stability. The “What’s New?” notification is a nice improvement allowing Matomo and Plugin Developers to notify users of new features.

This release also sees the migration away from the now deprecated AngularJS significantly progressed, with many components now converted to VueJS which was introduced in 4.6.0.

We are grateful for all community members who reported feedback and suggestions, our awesome team of translators for their work, and our Premium features customers and Matomo Cloud hosting customers for their amazing support.

73 tickets have been closed by more than 18 contributors!

After You Update

  • Please help us spread the word! Maybe you can write about the project on your blog, website, twitter, talk at conferences or let your friends and colleagues know what is Matomo. Already 1,000,000+ websites are keeping full control of their web analytics with Matomo!
  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support),
    or purchase a Support Plan to get professional support and guidance.
  • To improve Matomo in your language consider contributing to translations.
  • You can also support our efforts by purchasing valuable Premium Features for Matomo or try our Matomo Cloud solution.

Database upgrade

This release does not contain any major database upgrade.

Please make sure you read the Update Matomo guide for high traffic instances.

Platform Changes

Matomo is an open analytics platform. In an effort to help Matomo developers learn about improvements and changes in the core APIs, we document the changes since the last release.

In this 4.7.0 release there are API deprecations and a new feature allowing plugins to display their new features in a “What’s New?” notification. Read more in Platform Changelog for Developers to see all changes to the platform and APIs.

Note: the Marketplace showcases more than 90 plugins already compatible with Matomo and this is just the beginning. Matomo is your universal data analytics platform!

New and updated SDKs (Tracking API Clients)

The Matomo team offers official SDKs (Tracking API Clients) for measuring your mobile apps and any other kind of apps.

New guides and FAQs

Need help upgrading Matomo?

Read the Updating Matomo user guide or for more help we offer paid support plans.

List of 73 tickets closed in Matomo 4.7.0

  • #18394 Rendering performance improvement for reports with many rows [by @bx80]
  • #13589 Add system check warnings for php-fpm and nginx if config files are accessible [by @bx80]
  • #18521 Tracking code page: Move JavaScript tracking code right after the website [by @peterhashair]
  • #16805 Show a summary of what’s new in the app [by @bx80]
  • #18539 Field conditions eg in Measurable Settings API not working anymore [by @diosmosis]
  • #18283 Don’t archive anything in Goals unless a goal is configured or ecommerce is used [by @peterhashair, @sgiehl]
  • #18560 Do not create a session if accessing login page with a not supported browser [by @peterhashair]
  • #18608 Fix possible error when generating reports for custom dimensions [by @sgiehl]
  • #18664 Fix possible error when generating PDF reports containing multibyte chars [by @sgiehl]
  • #17012 Improve average page load time query accuracy (reporting too low in some cases) [by @peterhashair]
  • #18344 When rearchive_reports_in_past_last_n_months INI setting is used, the archiver should not skip processing the report for “Yesterday” [by @bx80]
  • #18362 Dependent archives never processed for All visits segment causing some data to not show [by @peterhashair]
  • #18481 Fix possible undefined constant exception when using ssl_no_verify [by @sgiehl]
  • #18501 Ensure 2FA is not loaded when safemode is triggered [by @sgiehl]
  • #18503 Ensure updates are always done with super user permission [by @sgiehl]
  • #18535 remove compareDates with comparePeriods when adding new segment [by @diosmosis, @sgiehl]
  • #18590 Ignore duplicate entry error when creating a sequence [by @sgiehl]
  • #18603 Hide commands that don’t work on windows [by @sgiehl]
  • #18629 Force period type to ‘range’ if date is a range when checking chart incomplete periods [by @bx80]
  • #18506 API Language updates [by @comradekingu, @justinvelluppillai]
  • #18510 Filter metadata API response only when the test is executed for allowed metadata API [by @AltamashShaikh, @tsteur]
  • #18514 Fixes more issues on PHP 8.1 [by @sgiehl]
  • #18515 Fixes: Saving plugin settings might not work with certain password managers enabled [by @peterhashair, @diosmosis]
  • #18540 Fix error where no data is shown on campaign with segments and periods [by @peterhashair]
  • #18616 Refactor emails about password reset into a Mail sub-class [by @samjf, @justinvelluppillai]
  • #18621 Updated translation key for fingerprint metric which was not defined [by @AltamashShaikh, @sgiehl]
  • matomo-org/tag-manager
  • #388 Fixed error when importing a container: This variable cannot be deleted as it is used in other places [by @AltamashShaikh]
  • #390 FB pixel changed data type to string from INT [by @AltamashShaikh]
  • #400 Unable to access MatamoTagManager variable in matomoTagManagerAsyncInit [by @FalkHe]
  • #387 Make import and publish version faster when there are many tags/triggers [by @tsteur]
  • matomo-org/device-detector
  • #6929 Detect new brands: Parrot Mobile, Bubblegum and Detect devices for existing brands: Kalley, Multilaser, ZTE, Hyundai, Oukitel, HTC, Leagoo, Doogee, Tanix, TCL, Hoozo, Rombica, Polar, GEOFOX, Acer, Urovo, DEXP, Lenovo, Seuic, Crosscall, Archos, Perfeo, BQ, iTel [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6930 Detect new brands: Liberton, Cloud and Detect devices for existing brands: Stylo, Vivo, Huawei, Teclast, Rombica, Pioneer, ComTrade Tesla, Zebra, Mobicel, Ghia, Google, Erisson, Kivi, Doogee, Mobiistar, Vernee, AllDocube, Artel, Oukitel, Tecno Mobile, Vodafone [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6931 Adds detection for TradingView and improves detection for Discord [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6933 Improves detection for Alcatel, Aspera, Blu, Doro, Kodak, KRIP, Microsoft, TCL, Zuum brands, adds detection for Instabridge app, improves detection for Avast Secure Browser and Web Explorer [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6934 Add detection for chanjet Browser user agents
  • #6935 Adds detection for MobiIoT, Smooth Mobile brands and improves detection for CORN, Evertek, Hi, iPro, ONN, RCA Tablets, Sky, Vivo, Wiko, ZTE brands [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6936 Adds detection for T+ Browser [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6937 Adds detection for Huavi, Mafe, Virzo brands and improves detection for Bmobile, Brondi, Cloud, Coolpad, Cricket, Digicel, Hotwav, iHunt, iSWAG, Konrow, MobiWire, Naomi Phone, SPC, X-TIGI brands [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6939 Rename T+ Browser to T+Browser and adds ChanjetCloud [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6940 Adds detection for Evoo, Gtel, INSYS, Selecline, Turkcell, Türk Telekom, Venturer brands and improves detection for AT&T, Blu, Cloud, Crosscall, Haier, Logic, Maxwest, STG Telecom, T-Mobile, Vastking, X-TIGI brands [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6941 Detect new brands: Soho Style, Shivaki and Detect devices for existing brands: Epik One, Sky, Telefunken, MyPhone, Motorola, iTel, MTC, Mobicel, Konka, M4tel, Hurricane, UMIDIGI, Zuum, Xiaomi, Smartab, Navitel, Prestigio, ZTE, Wiko, SUNWIND [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6943 Adds detection for Remdun brand and improves detection for Advan, CellAllure, Majestic, Samsung, STF Mobile, TechPad brands [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6944 Detect devices for existing brands: Blu, Archos, Leagoo, Elephone, Realme, ZTE, Vivo, Tecno Mobile, Lenovo, Mobicel, General Mobile, Kivi, Fly [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6945 Adds detection for Dreamgate, NOGA, HERO, POPTEL brands and improves detection for A1, AT&T, Evertek, Samsung, Vsmart brands [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6946 Adds detection for H96, MBOX, MDTV, Q-Box brands and unknown tv boxes and improves detection for Alcatel, Andowl, Blaupunkt, CUBOT, Hafury, Xiaomi brands [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6947 Improves detection for Firefox Focus [by @thinkwelltwd, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6950 Detect apps: Be Focused, Focus Keeper, Focus Matrix [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6953 Detect new brand: ATVIO and Detect devices for existing brands: Fujitsu, Realme, OPPO, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Xiaomi, Tecno Mobile, Smartisan, Hyundai, Vivo, OnePlus, MicroMax, Irbis, Motorola, Ulefone, iHunt, Zuum [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6954 updated tvOS and YunOS regexes [by @prk3, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6955 Improves Apple brand detection, improves Android version detection, adds detection for CISPA bot [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6956 Detect new brands: FEONAL, Ematic, Sunmi and Detect devices for existing brands: Xolo, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony, IconBIT, OPPO, POCO, Lava, Huawei, TechPad, NEC, Lenovo, Asus, KDDI, ZTE, Sharp, Alcatel, DIXON, Hurricane, LeEco, HTC, Santin, Polaroid [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6957 Adds detection for Polestar (car) user agent
  • #6958 Detect new brands: Alps, Prology, Smarty, Porsche, Polestar, DF, QTECH, NavRoad, Vankyo and Detect devices for existing brands: Hisense, Starwind, Viumee, NYX Mobile, Hi, Hotwav, Mecool, Shivaki, Telefunken, Nomi, SUNWIND, LG [by @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6960 Detect new brands: ArtLine, BDQ, TuCEL and Detect devices for existing brands: BBK, Divisat, Digma, Asano, Leff, Odys, Symphony, RT Project, Polaroid, Prestigio [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6962 Adds detection for Microsoft Store and ASUS Updater apps [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6965 Removed duplicate key ATVIO brand [by @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6967 Adds detection for Skype [by @liviuconcioiu, @sanchezzzhak]
  • matomo-org/referrer-spam-list
  • #1289 Add qxnr.net [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1290 Add Fishy Domains from the past few months [by @bpmusicDE, @spmedia]
  • #1291 Add arpe.top [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1292 Add trafficbot4free.xyz [by @flease, @spmedia]
  • #1293 Add bottraffic143.xyz [by @flease, @spmedia]
  • #1294 Add covblog.top [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1295 Add trafficstudio.club [by @flease, @spmedia]
  • #1296 Add heeha.net [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1297 Add cvta.xyz (redirects to xtraffic) [by @skylarmt, @spmedia]
  • #1298 Add blognet.top [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1299 Add tccp.xyz [by @skylarmt, @spmedia]
  • #1304 Add semalt.net [by @flease, @spmedia]
  • #1305 Add goldvaultmetals.com [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1306 Add dailyblog.xyz [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1308 Add klfd.net [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]
  • #1309 Add iblogpress.xyz [by @ericguirbal, @spmedia]

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