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MHP/Team SI switches to Matomo for reliable and compliant web analytics

By switching its clients to Matomo, MHP/Team SI overcomes Google Analytics sampling issues and eliminates the need to migrate to the more complicated GA4, all while ensuring compliance.

About MHP/Team SI

MHP/Team SI is a full-service marketing agency that provides a range of marketing services to clients in different industries, including finance, telecom, healthcare and Ecommerce. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, the company has approximately 160 employees working across the US.

Improving Data Accuracy and Compliance

MHP/Team SI had been using Google Analytics for their clients’ analytics needs. However, they were facing several challenges, including data sampling and concerns about data privacy for their healthcare clients. Furthermore, the company had to contend with the added complexity of transitioning clients from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), a more complicated analytics platform, which presented its own set of challenges.

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Challenges with Data Sampling

MHP/Team SI encountered a significant obstacle in their analytics efforts when they realised that Google Analytics sampling all data by default. This posed a major challenge as the more complex the analysis, the less accurate the data became.

“When you’re actually wanting to know in a specific town, for a specific set of campaigns, how many people sign up for this service, and it’s sampled data, that doesn’t work,” said Mark Samber, Vice President at MHP/Team SI.

This issue was particularly problematic for some of their larger clients who required precise and detailed analysis across multiple dimensions. As a result, the company needed a robust and affordable solution to address this critical problem.

Compliance and Data Privacy Concerns

MHP/Team SI also recognised the importance of data privacy, especially for their healthcare clients who faced significant risk if personally identifiable information (PII) was exposed due to a breach. While many of their clients were US-based and not subject to GDPR, the company still needed to find a solution that could offer robust privacy protections to address this concern.

Realising that data privacy was a critical issue, MHP/Team SI needed a solution that could adequately protect their clients’ sensitive information. With Google Analytics falling short in meeting their privacy requirements, the company had to find a tool that could address these concerns and provide strong privacy protections to ensure secure data handling for their clients.

Challenges with Migrating Clients to GA4

Lastly, MHP/Team SI faced the additional challenge of migrating their clients to GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics. Unlike its predecessor, Universal Analytics, GA4 was a more complex platform, which required significant time and resources to properly migrate clients’ data and set up reports in the new platform.

During a discussion about GA4, Mark shared his frustrations: “Even though the interface is prettier, it’s so much more cumbersome to build a report for what you want. And if that’s the future, I don’t really want a part of it.”

Overall, MHP/Team SI needed a solution that could address their data privacy concerns and provide their clients with accurate data, while avoiding the complicated migration process to GA4.

Revolutionising Analytics with Matomo

After discovering Matomo, a leading privacy-friendly web analytics solution, they began to explore the capabilities of the platform and quickly realised that it could solve many of their problems.

“We knew we had this problem with data sampling and privacy,” said Mark. “But then we also are being tasked with trying to migrate to GA4. And as we dug deeper into what Matomo can do, it became clear that this can solve a lot of problems.”

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Unlocking Valuable Insights with Unsampled Data

When asked about what led MHP/Team SI to Matomo, Mark explained, “primarily the fact that it’s unsampled data.”

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo provides unsampled data, which means that all data is reported with 100% accuracy. This was particularly important for MHP/Team SI’s clients who required precise and detailed analysis across multiple dimensions. With unsampled data, they were able to unlock valuable insights that were previously hidden due to data sampling, enabling them to make accurate data-backed decisions with confidence.

Matomo’s unsampled data provided MHP/Team SI with a robust and affordable solution to address their critical problem of inaccurate data. With accurate data insights, MHP/Team SI was able to provide their clients with the insights they needed to drive growth and increase efficiency.

Data Privacy and Compliance Made Easy

MHP/Team SI takes data privacy and compliance very seriously. Prior to discovering Matomo, they were growing increasingly concerned with Google Analytics, as it did not provide the level of data privacy and compliance they needed. With Matomo, MHP/Team SI was able to address these concerns and provide their clients with a robust and compliant analytics solution.

As Mark explains, “Matomo operates at a higher level of privacy because of GDPR. Even though in the US, it’s not the law of the land. For some of our clients, they are concerned.”

Matomo was designed with privacy in mind and can be configured to follow even the strictest of privacy laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, LGPD and PECR. Matomo’s data collection and storage methods are fully GDPR-compliant, and they provide features such as pseudonymisation and opt-out options to ensure that personal data is protected.

With Matomo, MHP/Team SI can confidently assure their clients that their data is protected and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Overall, Matomo’s commitment to data privacy and compliance made it the ideal solution for MHP/Team SI, allowing them to meet their clients’ needs while also providing the robust analytics capabilities they required.

Matomo Page Analytics Report

A User-Friendly Alternative to GA4

As MHP/Team SI received more requests around migrating clients to GA4, they began to realise that it may not be the best solution for their clients.

Thankfully, around the same time, they discovered Matomo, which not only solved their challenges around data accuracy and privacy, but also provided a user-friendly alternative to GA4. With its user-friendly interface and robust reporting capabilities, Matomo proved to be a much better fit for clients’ needs.

As Mark described, “The Matomo UX is fantastic. And so many of the features that are just right out of the box, particularly in the Cloud version that we’re using, are just really easy to learn and to use, It’s very intuitive, it’s very simple.”

"It's also a business opportunity for us to offer our clients a much more robust and insightful experience for their analytics."
Mark Samber
Vice President at MHP/Team SI