Premium Plugins now available on the Matomo Analytics Marketplace


We are super excited to announce the launch of three new premium plugins which are now available on the Matomo Marketplace: A/B Testing, Media Analytics, and Activity Log.

All three plugins are easy to use and come with 100% data ownership, documentation, integration with Matomo, powerful data exports and no data limits.

These first premium plugins and the new Marketplace capabilities have been designed and built with love by InnoCraft – the new company brought to you by the makers of Matomo.

1. A/B Testing

A/B Testing helps you grow your business by comparing different versions of your website or app to detect the most successful version that increases your sales, revenue, conversions, pageviews, and more.

A/B tests are also known as experiments or split tests. In an A/B test you show two or more different variations to your users (visitors) and the variation that performs better wins. When a user enters the experiment, a variation will be randomly chosen and the user will see this variation for all subsequent visits. Matomo A/B testing uses advanced statistical analysis to detect which variation performs better for your conversion goals and success metrics. Even small tests can increase your sales and conversions massively!

Learn more here:

2. Media Analytics

Do you have videos or audio on your website, or in an app? Media Analytics gives you powerful insights into how your audience watches your videos and listens to your audio, to ultimately maximize your success.

Learn all about your audience. Which media your users are playing, for how long, how often, and where they dropped off? Where are your users located around the world? Who your audience are and what did people do before and after watching a video or listening to audio? Many of the reports are also available in Real time, so you can gain insights and react quickly.

Learn more here:

3. Activity log

Keep an eye on everything that is happening on your Matomo platform with the Activity Log plugin.

The activity log, also known as audit log or audit trail, improves your Matomo’s security and diagnostic by showing a chronological set of entries that provides documentary evidence of activities that happened in your Matomo. It allows Matomo Super Users to quickly review the actions performed by members of your organization or clients, and also lets every user review details of their own actions.

Learn more in the Activity Log FAQ or see a list of all the features on the Marketplace: Activity Log plugin.

The Matomo Marketplace guarantees

Purchasing on the Matomo Marketplace is easy and safe. Check out our guarantees:

Why premium plugins?

Researching, building, documenting, testing and maintaining quality products take years of experience and months of work. When you purchase a premium plugin from the Marketplace, you get a fully working product, with free updates for the duration of the license and you stay in full control of your analytics data. When purchasing premium plugins you also directly help the Matomo core engineers to continue to grow and innovate! That’s because a % of earnings on premium plugin license sales directly fund new Matomo versions and more amazing features. Learn more in the FAQ: What are premium plugins?.

About InnoCraft

These first three premium plugins have been designed and built with love by InnoCraft. InnoCraft is a new company founded by the creator of Matomo along with the lead engineers of Matomo based in Wellington, New Zealand. At InnoCraft, product experts, designers and engineers are passionate about crafting high quality and innovative products to help grow your business and to maximize your success.

Learn more on the company website:

To stay updated on their releases, follow InnoCraftHQ on Twitter or Like InnoCraft on Facebook.


Learn more:

We are looking forward to your continued support with the Matomo project as we expand and offer you more ways to maximize your success.

Please contact the Marketplace team with any questions or feedback.

Wishing you a warm: Happy Analytics!

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No credit card required.

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