This event will focus on providing training to users of the Matomo (Piwik) analytics platform. The training will provide attendees with the necessary skills and knowledge that they will need to be able to take their website to the next level with Matomo.

Language: English

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Location: The 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is as diverse as the big city it is located in and as wild as a jungle. The hotel showcases cosmopolitan Berlin at its location in the listed Bikini-Haus building between the Tiergarten park and Breitscheidplatz with Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Matomo Training Location - Berlin 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Why do you need training?

If you have just started using Matomo (Piwik) and are finding it a bit overwhelming, this training event will benefit you immensely. You will be able to learn all the necessary skills that will allow you move forward with Matomo.

For users who have been using Matomo (Piwik) for a short time and have a bit of experience in using Matomo, you will be able to learn how to advance your skills and extend your knowledge of the Matomo platform.

Advanced users will be able to gain more knowledge about the complex features and functions that Matomo (Piwik) incorporates, allowing you to customise different areas of the platform and learn about advanced topics.

How can you benefit from this training event?

By understanding how Matomo (Piwik) works and how to use and operate Matomo more effectively, you will be able to make sound changes to your website that will allow you to achieve your business goals.

Everyone, from ecommerce businesses to government organisations can benefit from this training event and learn the essential skills and gain the relevant knowledge to meet their goals and requirements.

Some of the skills that you will learn during the training include:

  • How to install and get started with the Matomo (Piwik) platform
  • How Matomo (Piwik) will add value to your website
  • How to analyse and make sense of the data and information that you collect
  • How to create custom segments that will allow you to report on certain data and information
  • Advance exercises – Matomo (Piwik) settings, tweaking and basic diagnostics

What equipment do I need in order to participate in the event?

You will need a computer that is able to connect to a Wifi network

Are the tickets transferable?

Yes, the tickets are transferable.

What is the refund policy on the tickets?

You are entitled to a refund up to 1 week before the commencement of the training.

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