Why is Privacy important? (Data Privacy Day)

Today is an important day of the year: we at Matomo (Piwik) are celebrating Data Privacy Day! Every January 28th since back in 2007, Data Protection Day has become an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of privacy for people and businesses alike.

What data is being collected about me?

Many of our activities leave a trail of data. This includes phone records, credit card transactions, GPS in cars tracking our positions, mobile phones (with or without GPS), and the list is growing. Online, almost all activities leave a trail of data which service providers will collect, such as instant messaging, browsing websites or watching videos.

This trove of personal data is collected, stored, and may be shared with others – without your consent!

Why is privacy important?

Privacy is the ability to control who can access information about our private life and our activities.

Privacy is important because:

  • Privacy gives us the power to choose our thoughts and feelings and who we share them with.
  • Privacy protects our information we do not want shared publicly (such as health or personal finances).
  • Privacy helps protect our physical safety (if our real time location data is private).
  • Privacy helps protect us as individuals, and our businesses, against entities we depend on or that are more powerful than us.
  • Privacy is tied to Freedom…. Could we really be free – and have free will – without Privacy?

Can we still maintain privacy?

Thankfully Privacy is not dead (yet) but it is under threat. Some entities such as the NSA have made it clear that their goal is the end of privacy, worldwide. Without privacy, we will become easily controlled, manipulated, and feel a loss of control over ourselves and our personal lives.

However, the good news is that now more than ever, many businesses, technologists, activists and others are hard at work to improve and maintain our privacy.

How do I protect my privacy?

There are many ways you can improve your privacy, for example by exercising caution before sharing private data online or with others. You may also make minor decisions, such as paying in cash instead of using a credit card, encrypting your emails and backups, and reading the terms of services before using a product (ie. is your privacy going to be respected?).

The good news is we do have a solution for you if you or your company manage a website (or several websites)… did you know you can ensure your future Privacy by using the free Matomo analytics platform?

Announcing the “Liberate Your Website Data” Day!

How does Matomo protect my privacy?

Matomo is an open source software for Web Analytics, used on more than 1 million websites worldwide. It is an open platform built by an international team of volunteers.

Today, maybe you can take some time to Liberate Your Data?

When you use Matomo on your own infrastructure, you control everything. All data collected is stored only within your own database, and no other business (or Matomo team member) can access any of this information. The source code of the software is open source and hundreds of people have reviewed it to ensure it is secure and keeps your data private.

An interesting example from Germany of how they take their privacy seriously: Berlin court rules Google privacy policy violates data protection law.

When you use Matomo to track your users, you are in full control of your own data.

How Matomo protects the privacy of your users and customers

As well as keeping your data private and protecting your privacy (as a website operator), Matomo helps to ensure the privacy of your website visitors and Mobile app users. From the time we created Matomo six years ago, we have strived to build advanced privacy protections in Matomo:

These privacy features, along with the open and decentralized nature of Matomo, mean that your users’ privacy is ensured and respected.


Privacy is important to ensure our freedom as individuals. Respecting Privacy is critically important for businesses dealing with sensitive customer data.

Matomo provides you with an open platform for your Website and Mobile Apps Analytics. Matomo ensures you respect your users’ and customers’ privacy.

Today, we hope you will Liberate Your Analytics Data! Thanks for reading.


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