Wanted: Beta testers for Matomo Mobile 2 for iOS

Are you interested in testing our latest beta Matomo Mobile 2 for iOS releases?

As a beta tester you will have early access to future updates and help us to make Matomo Mobile even better. We have been testing Matomo Mobile 2 as much as we could. Now is your time to experiment and help us to track down any bugs, or even suggest usability improvements?

Do I need to jailbreak iOs to use the app?

For distributing our beta releases we will use TestFlight. That means you won’t need to Jailbreak your device.

Start testing Matomo Mobile 2
To register, just email us the following:

Which iOS device(s) do you use?
Do you use iOS 6 (yes/no)?
Do you manage multiple Matomo (Piwik) installations with Matomo Mobile? (yes/no)
Do you have multiple websites in Matomo? (yes/no)
Do you have Matomo 1.12 installed on your server(s)? (yes/no)

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