Matomo Mobile 2 – Preview & Alpha release


We are very proud to give you a preview of Matomo Mobile 2 and to release a first alpha after 6 months of development. Matomo Mobile 2 is built with the following benefits in mind:

  • Support for (upcoming) Matomo (Piwik) 2.x
  • Get the information you want more quickly
  • Further unification of Matomo and Matomo Mobile
  • Easy customization for different platforms and form factors
  • New Mobile web application (HTML5) in addition to native Android and iOS app
  • Support for Themes

Learn more about all the new features on the Matomo Mobile 2 page. All questions are answered in the Matomo Mobile 2 FAQ.

Matomo Mobile Users: we need your feedback!

Icon by are really interested in your feedback. The current version of Matomo Mobile has got good ratings and we want to build an even better version for you. Please take two minutes to fill our Matomo Mobile user survey:

Short Survey Matomo Mobile

The three people giving us the most useful feedback will receive an invite for an alpha release of the iOS version.

iPhone & iPad preview

These videos and screenshots give you a preview of the iPhone and iPad version. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a download due to restrictions by Apple. It’s also interesting for non-iOS users to watch the videos as the Android and Mobile Web application look and behave similarly.


Matomo Mobile 2 for iPhone - Alpha 1 - Screenshots


Matomo Mobile 2 for iPad - Alpha 1 - Screenshots

Android App Alpha Release

Matomo Mobile 2 for Android - Alpha 1 - Screenshots


Download Alpha of Matomo Mobile 2 for Android 4.*

How do I install the Android application?
Simply download the file and open it on your Android device. Make sure you have allowed the installation of apps from “Unknown Sources“. We would really appreciate if you enable “Anonymous tracking” while you are testing to improve the app based on this information.

What version of Android is supported?

We will only support devices running Android 4.0 or higher. That means about 10% of our Android users won’t be able to install Matomo Mobile 2 but to use the Mobile Web application. It would take a lot of our time to support earlier Android versions and would prevent us from using some newer features. We hope you unterstand this decision.

What is missing for a final release?
We are still working on polishing the app, error handling, fixing bugs, improve performance and memory usage. We hope to further improve the app depending on your feedback!

Known issues

  • The application may crash if you try to delete a configured account or if you press a row long. A fix depends on TIMOB-12114.
  • We haven’t added icons for different screen sizes yet
  • On smartphones you need to press back two times to close the app. It may also display the Matomo splash screen while loading another window for a short time.

Mobile Web App – Alpha release

You can download the alpha release here and give it a try:

Download Alpha of Matomo Mobile 2 Mobile Web application.

How do I install the Mobile Web application?

1) Unzip the downloaded files

2) Upload the unzipped files to your server, on the same domain as your Matomo installation. For instance upload all files to:

3) Visit the directory you have uploaded to start the Mobile app

Are there limitations in the Mobile Web application?

There is currently only one limitation due to the Same Origin Policy. You can add only Matomo accounts that belong to the same protocol and some host under which the mobile app is running. For instance if Matomo Mobile is running under “”, you can only add Matomo accounts from “” and not accounts from let’s say “”.

How do I test the smartphone layout?

After your browser loaded the Mobile App, shrink the size of your browser window and reload the page.

Which browsers are supported by the mobile web application?

The targeted browser are:

  • iOS Safari 5.0
  • Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 5.0
  • Blackberry 6.0, 7.0
  • IE 10.0
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Chrome
  • Safari 5.0
  • Google TV 5.0
  • Latest Firefox Mobile

What’s coming

Matomo Mobile 2 will be released together with Matomo 2.0, before the end of year. We have lots of ideas how to improve Matomo Mobile in the future to live up our vision: “To keep the Matomo Mobile app as close as possible to Matomo. That means same functionality and same look and feel”.

Source Code available on GitHub

GitHubThe Source Code is now available under a GPLv3 license: We have rewritten the whole code base in the last six months. The main reason for this is the new Alloy framework which helps us to develop cross-platform mobile apps easier and gives us the possibility to simply customize the app for each platform and form factor (Tablet / Smartphone). The result is code which is better to read, understand, maintain and extend.

Repository Visualization

A small bonus is this Gource video which shows the development process of the Matomo Mobile 2 app over the last 6 months:

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