WordPress Integration with WP-Piwik

2020 update: There is now a new Matomo Analytics WordPress plugin available out called Matomo Analytics – Ethical Stats. Powerful Insights. Plugin name: wp-matomo, not to be confused with the other plugin mentioned below called WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik). The difference between wp-matomo and WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik) is this new plugin installs Matomo Analytics fully in your WordPress, instead of just connecting your existing Matomo On-Premise or Matomo Cloud account with WordPress – which occurs with WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik).

WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik)

WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik) is a WordPress plugin which integrates Matomo (Piwik) and WordPress. By using the Matomo API, WP-Matomo is able to include a summary statistics page to your WordPress dashboard as shown below:

WP-Matomo statistics

In addition to including your traffic stats, WP-Matomo can add the Matomo tracking code to your WordPress blog and even manage your WordPress network in Matomo:

WP-Matomo tracking settings

In this blog post I explain how you can configure WP-Matomo to get great Web Analytics for your wordpress website(s) or for your entire network of sites automatically.

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