Matomo Mobile 1.1

See the blog post for more details and screenshots

List of issues closed in this release

  • Manage multiple accounts (add/delete/deactivate/active accounts)
  • Larger buttons for a better usability
  • Choose default date and period. For example today, yesterday, …
  • Save selected date and period in a session while the app is open
  • Usage of Android Option Menu
  • Choose another HTTP request timeout
  • Support for App2SD from Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Enabled language support for Norwegian Nynorsk & Turkish
  • Display logos for countries, searchengines, browsers, operating systems and browser plugins in statistic lists
  • Added statistics for a selected site:
    • Locations: Country
    • Locations: Continent
    • Visitors: Browser plugins
  • Fix crashes on Android if opened more than about 14 windows
  • Bugfix HTTPS installations having an invalid/self signed certificate on iOS does not work with Matomo Mobile
  • Bugfix Autocorrection on url and username field was enabled

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