New version of Matomo Mobile released (screenshots!)

We are happy to announce immediate availability of Matomo Mobile 1.1 for Android, iPhone and iPad phones.

After a successful 1.0 release (2.700 mobile app downloads for iOS and 1.400 for Android), and more than 1,000 active users already, we are releasing a major update with new features and bug fixes. Check out the list of new features, and the screenshots below.

New features

  • You can now manage multiple user accounts (#1605)
  • Display logos where available (e.g. country flags, search engines icons, etc.)
  • Compatible with iPad!
  • Configuration improvements
    • You can now pick a default date and period (#1595)
    • You can change the time before request times out (#1617)
  • App now working in Norwegian Nynorsk & Turkish
  • Support for App2SD from Android 2.2 (Froyo) (#1583)
  • Matomo Mobile reports are the same as standard Matomo (Piwik) UI, thanks to the use of the Metadata API (#1606)

Usability & GUI improvements:

  • Save selected date and period in a session while the app is open (#1604)
  • Disable auto-correction on url and username field in Settings screen (#1608)
  • Usage of android option menu
  • Improvements to error feedback
  • Larger buttons (#1611)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix crashes on Android if opened more than about 14 windows (#1614)
  • Support HTTPS installations having an invalid/self signed certificate on iOS (#1651)
    (Android does already support this)



Future of Matomo Mobile

We are already planning the next version of Matomo Mobile. Upcoming features and bug fixes can be found in the Mobile Milestone in our Trac.

Please feel free to report bugs or suggest features there.

Have fun checking Matomo on the go in your Android or iOs phone, and Merry Christmas!

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